Hyperlocal marketplace AllSuperMart launches operations in Pune, ties up with hyperlocal logistics firm Roadrunnr and on-demand food ordering platform Grab (that provides hyperlocal B2C logistics delivery service) to strengthen its presence in the city. Amit Singh, CEO, AllSuperMart said in a statement:

“Logistics is an integral part of our business model. To meet the scaled up local requirements and to ensure timely deliveries within the city, we are outsourcing our bandwidth requirements to these two leading logistics services providers. We receive around 60 orders per day and this is just our first week of opening operations in the city. The transaction traffic is going to be huge and we cannot ignore a speedy last mile delivery ecosystem which is efficient, real-time, reliable and affordable.”

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AllSuperMart provides a platform for local shops and vendors to sell their products and services online. The company has a network of 460 vendors in Western Pune where it has launched operations a week ago. Singh added,

“We have decided to channelize our investments in expansion measures and not in in-housing huge logistical infrastructures.”

Founded in October 2015, Allsupermart enables ordering Groceries, Vegetables, Electronics and a lot of other products from stores around you. Available as a web portal and a mobile app, it connects the buyers to sellers. A user can check stores in their vicinity, check availability of a desired product at those stores, compare prices and buy. The products are delivered to the customer at no extra cost. Allsupermart, aims to present all the options to the buyers which otherwise the buyer would not have been aware of.

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