Almost everyone that does on-line purchase has a smartphone. 80% of on-line shoppers admit that mobile purchases are impulse-driven and that they’re more likely to purchase from and interact with a brand that offers an engaging mobile experience. An app is a personal store front for your customer. You can reach them with a personal message, showcase your products, offer specials, engage them with loyalty programs, drive footfalls to your physical store and much more. One startup that has understood this fact very well and is working towards it is Presto.


Presto is a Mobile App-Commerce company. They offer an out of the box solution that enables enterprises, merchants and SME’s to get their own branded mobile app with a highly sophisticated and powerful commerce engine in a matter of  hours – to engage their consumers through the entire life-cycle from acquiring to engaging to retaining. At Presto they believe that technology is intimidating for most of the SME’s. And they would rather spend their time on expanding their business than worrying about creating applications or servers. So they provide an Easy to Deploy, Opex Driven, and Software as a Service model that provides a sales channel without putting a load on the wallet.


Team Presto

Presto was founded in the year 2014 by a team of five people, Presto is the brainchild of Shashank(CEO) and Monika Jain(COO). While Shashank and Monika had bulk of their experience from Nokia and Europe in Product Management and Business Development, Adarsh, Shubho and Srirang had done startups in e-commerce and crowd sourcing in India. They adopted the platform approach from day one, investing into R&D and Design – so their customers benefit from superior technology and rapid deployment. Presto is headquartered in Bangalore and expanded in UK in 2016. Their  team has worked in global positions with multinationals in the field of UX, e-commerce, complex back-end engineering and have over 50 years of total experience driving mobility in companies like Nokia, IBM, Google, and Akamai.

Presto has not only deep mobile domain expertise but also gained valuable operational experience and understand modern user behavior for technology adoption. Their large library of feature rich consumer journeys allows Presto to offer rapid development/mass customization of mobile solutions. They  are focused towards their customers’ success and everything that they do is driven by their sacrosanct tenet to make them successful.


So far Presto has worked with 20+clients across 4 verticals. They have helped launch and scale marquee startups. They manage over 2.5K transactions per day and have enabled USD 2.2M of commerce during 2015. As part of their future plans they would like to leverage channel partners to expand reach.

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