Personally, the first thing that I do when I have to purchase something is to search for its reviews on social media. For, it is not only the best source of honest opinions but also increases the sample set of the feedback I am looking at. This natural human behavior is what fuels the Bangalore based Startup FamousEnuf, founded in 2016 by  Rachita Pandya and Aditya Shah.

Rachita and Aditya have known each other for over 15 years now. They are both Electronics and Communication engineers from Sardar Patel University and have pursued a management post-graduate course, Global Innovation Program, from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. They both worked as software developers in Tata Consultancy Services right after under-graduation. While Rachita pursued her PGP from the Indian School of Business, Aditya then handled his family business of circus management and OOH advertising as the Chief Strategist for a couple of years. He then moved to Bangalore and worked as Head – Business Development with an experiential gifting start-up. Meanwhile, Rachita worked as a Brand Consultant and a Brand Strategist with a renowned 360’ marketing communication firm, Cognito India. Post-ISB, she worked as Business Manager in Special Projects with a Bangalore based start-up for over a year before taking the plunge and starting up FamousEnuf. - famousenuf founders

FamousEnuf is the only mobile-first crowd-sourced word-of-mouth advertising platform. It facilitates brands in automating the creation and promotion of campaigns from their own consumers, who are also active social media users. Brands barter their own products in exchange for Facebook posts by social media users. Word of mouth is, till today, the best form of advertising, because it is not advertising. It is an honest opinion, we trust our friends and family more than any endorsement.

FamousEnuf is built on that basic instinct of trust that we social beings have in the people in our network. We encourage natural behavior on both sides of the platform. Social media is entwined in our daily lives and people take to social media first to voice an opinion or recommendation. Social Creators are regular active social media users, who share tidbits of everyday life including the brands they love on social media. On the other hand, Brands love their brand loyalists and look forward to work with them. Here, they are not only getting promotion which is real and genuine, but are also acquiring new customers and encouraging more use of the product. Brand Loyalists are converted to Brand Evangelists with FamousEnuf. - famousenuf android app

The crux is, it is barter of social media posts for favorite branded products and the idea is to encourage social currency instead of paper currency. Currently its a lean team of 4 and are hiring to grow the team. Rachita told Knowstartup:

“We believe in on-boarding few excellent people who are self-starters and bring immense value to the table. FamousEnuf is the only customer focussed platform. No influencers, no celebrities, no advertising agencies. A pure platform for everyday local superheroes like you and me, to share and spread the word for our favourite brands.”

Today it is all about automating activities and driving engagement. It is about making lives easier for users and community involvement and inputs are paving the future for brands. FamousEnuf realizes the importance of this shift in the trend and shifts the power from a few powerful players to the community at large. User generated content is the king and FamousEnuf is ensuring it remains so, by tapping into the creativity of the masses rather than just the classes. Aditya says:

“This process of automating advertising by crowd-sourcing campaign creatives and promotion in an organic way, evoking only natural behaviour on both sides is what is most interesting about FamousEnuf…FamousEnuf is to advertising as Uber is to cabs and Kickstarter is to fundraising which is essentially shifting the power to the larger community.”

FamousEnuf claims to be a global product which really works across any platform and essentially anywhere in the world. Their upcoming plan is to mark their presence across all social media platforms

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Ruchi is a word-weaver, a painter, an amateur photographer and a poet at heart. The ease with with she can explain the most complex stuff impresses people around her. Being a gemini, she is never content, always looking for new ways to explore her self and the world around. The startup revolution has greatly influenced her and she is using her talent to help budding entrepreneurs find the way forward.

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