Miuccia Prada once said,

“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language”

One startup that has runs on these lines is HuLocal. HuLocal is a fashion m-commerce platform connecting the gap between you and the retail network. They bring fashion spanning from western attire to traditional clothing exclusively for women, hand-picked from the best local shops of Mumbai.



Team – HuLocal

Based out of Mumbai, HuLocal was founded by Riken Shah and Vinod Dhakoliya in the year 2015.  Riken has about 10 years of experience in start-ups. He is a B-Tech and has expertise in the Management and IT sector. Whereas, Vinod is a BE in computers and has experience in marketing, sales, and is also an SEO specialist. In addition to the two founders, HuLocal’s Team consists of hardworking professionals who aim to help the societies lower middle-class families. They are a bunch of Professionals from every sector with specialization in fashion, marketing, computers etc. Their app already has 4000+ downloads and 4+ ratings on Google Play Store. About 55% of their users are using an e-commerce app for the first time, which is a big achievement for HuLocal.

Hulocal App targets 2 types of consumers i.e. Online Buyer and Offline Buyers. The online buyers can directly connect with wholesalers/manufacturers. There is no additional margin of retailers here and products are sold at discounted rates. In addition to this they have the offline buyers. To get more sales, local vendors will keep on adding more and more fresh products on the app. With push notification, the fashion feeds would be consumed by consumers. Also, if they have any local deals or offers, it can be easily promoted through the app.

The products in HuLocal app are from the famous streets of Mumbai. They have products sold directly from manufacturers, wholesalers, therefore, their prices are reasonable. All that’s available on the famous streets of Bandra, Malad etc. is displayed in the app. Thereby easing the shopping experience for customers.


HuLocal aims to be the go-to source for all the fashion needs. It definitely is a first-of-its-kind platform that understands users, shows the right products, and personalizes them as per location to surf through nearby shops. Their aim remains to develop the app further to cover each and every street shop in India. Giving fashion total new directions and making street shopping the next cool thing is also what they are looking forward to doing. They plan to even expand operations to entire India and help local vendors throughout to connect to their customers.

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