Sundar Pichai isn’t going to have a happy start to his week. Hacker group OurMine said that it had gained access to the Twitter and Quora accounts of Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

The news comes just weeks after the same hackers gained access to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s social media accounts. The members were responsible for posting tweets to Pichai’s Twitter timeline before losing access. Those tweets have since been removed, but we’ve got a screenshot.


The three-man hacker outfit OurMine arrived on the scene in early June after claiming responsibility for hacking the social media accounts of Facebook’s Zuckerberg. The group ultimately defaced his accounts after it was able figure out his password, “dadada,” in a massive data dump sold on the underground Internet that revealed usernames and passwords linked to a slew of social media accounts including those on MySpace and LinkedIn.

OurMine said that the team found an exploit in Quora, the question and answer service, that gave it access to Pichai’s account. It then apparently used the credentials obtained through that exploit to see if they would work on Twitter.

OurMine has been targeting major tech execs of late, including Spotify’s Daniel Ek. OurMine is attempting to rebrand itself as a ‘security firm‘ and offering its support to those it targets so that these incidents don’t occur again. It’s probably not the best way to garner your potential customers’ trust, but that’s the way OurMine seems to enjoy doing business.

Quora spokesperson said in a statement,

“We are confident that Sundar Pichai’s account was not accessed via a vulnerability in Quora’s systems, This is consistent with past reports where OurMine exploited previous password leaks on other services to gain access to accounts on Twitter or Facebook. We also have no record of a report by OurMine pointing to a vulnerability. We recommend that people use unique passwords for accounts on different services, so that a security breach on one service does not lead to attackers gaining access to accounts on other services. Safeguarding our users is very important to us, which makes security at Quora one of our highest priorities.”

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