A lot of emphasis has been laid on white collar jobs and startups that cater to this category, but what about the blue collar jobs? A significant part of our population engages in Blue Collar jobs, but we don’t really have a lot of platforms that act as enablers for them, provide recruitment information or looks at their training needs.

This is what Dinesh Goel, a chemical engineer from IIT-Bombay realized when he found house maid worried about her only son’s job. A watchman at his housing society would ask him about job opportunities for him. These incidences made Goel realise that there was a need of a network and training opportunities  for blue collar jobs. Then, he and his friends Kunal Jadhav & Gaurav Toshniwal ( both IIT’ians) teamed up to launch a unique recruitment platform for the blue collar class, aasaanjobs.com. Later on, Dinesh, Gaurav and Kunal realized the growing need of training avenues for the entry level job seekers that may help them find fulfilling jobs and companies to get proficient employees. This was the time Hunarr was established.

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The innovative training startup was established in October 2015 and is based out of Mumbai. Hunarr is an online market place connecting training seekers to training providers. Hunarr was established to add more value to the current skill sets of potential employees so they’re readily employable. Hunarr, is aimed at addressing the prevailing skill gap between what’s available and what the job seekers are looking at. The mission of the portal is to recommend training avenues that help entry level workers find fulfilling jobs and companies to get proficient employees. The Hunarr team is 15-members strong currently and works actively on fine-tuning course recommendations that are closely linked to the opportunities in the recruitment space.

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Mr. Siddharth Gupta, Head of Marketing & PR, Aasaanjobs said in a statement:

“It is exciting to see so many training institutes finding value in listing themselves on Hunarr. We get constant feedback from registered institutions on how their inflow of admissions have improved since they have associated with us. It is even more exciting to see people enrolling in the right training courses so as to become job ready and embark on a successful professional career.”

Hunarr has seen a decent traction among training seekers who have been willing to get skills varying from learning communication skills to Android development. The startup claims to get a monthly traction of 5,000 visitors who come onto the website to search for training courses of their interest. On the other hand training providers are gaining increased reach and visibility by being listed on the platform. Around 650 institutes in Mumbai have listed 6,100 courses on the platform and are enjoying higher enrollment rates as a result.

Hunarr aims to expand country wide, to address the skill gap in the entire country so that job seekers are not limited by availability of certain industries and courses nearby and can hope to gain skills and transform their lives from anywhere in this country.

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