Out of the various modes of recruitment strategies, studies show that recruiting through referring is the best mode of hiring. It not only helps you identify top prospects,  many studies and polls have suggested that referral candidates can be five times more likely to get hired than other candidates. Bangalore based Joblagao Services Pvt. Ltd. has taken Employee referral to a whole new level. Founded in 2015 by Satyam Sinha, Kamlesh Singh and Ashish Sharma, the Joblagao team comprises of seasoned IT experts who are working towards building an awesome product. The team has experts in fields like Business Development, Recruitment, Digital Marketing etc.

Satyam is an entrepreneur, venturing out in the recruitment space. He is an MCA from NIT Trichy. Prior to starting his own venture he worked for i2 Technologies. He also worked as a Supply Chain consultant in several IT companies. After working for 10 years, in the IT industry he started his own venture, www.joblagao.com. He started this venture with his childhood friend Kamlesh and Ashish, who ran a Website designing and IT services company in Noida.

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L-R: Kamlesh Singh, Satyam Sinha, Ashish Sharma

Joblagao aims to improve the quality of hire in companies by clubbing Technology and Human intervention and reward those who help to do this. The core idea of Joblagao is rooted in the Employee Referral Schemes run by various companies. However, the portal is not just limited to employee Referral Jobs. Placement consultants, HR recruiter of the companies , Project Team members can post the jobs on our website and source resumes for free.

Joblagao is an open platform in the sense that anyone can post or apply for a job on the portal. If someone refers a friend they will automatically be eligible for the referral bonus. Incorporating a Quora like concept, one can also ask any related questions on the website and others can choose to answer them. As far the recruiters are concerned, they can access Resume Database for a monthly subscription. Users can also get free access to content related to College Projects, Interview Experience, Salary information, Tax related article for the working class etc.

 Talking to Knowstartup.com , Satyam said:

“We have extended the concept of Employee Referral Jobs beyond the boundaries of the company so that anyone can refer their friends and earn rewards. Our Database has profiles shortlisted by experts. We conduct mock interviews and keep the resumes and document the feedback.”

knowstartup.com - joblagao
In this short span of time, Joblagao has managed to grasp monthly website traffic of over 70,000. With an Alexa Rank in India close to 20K, the startup has over 16,000 registered users. The company also has managed to gather a lot of followers on the Social media front with 10,000+ Subscribers on their Facebook Fan Page and Group(Joblagao FB Page). Ashish, tells us that the company is looking to build a database of shortlisted profile of all skill set as well as build a recommendation engine so that people refer each other in their network.

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