Jugnoo is an Indian auto rickshaw (popularly known as autos) aggregation company headquartered in Chandigarh. It provides on-demand transportation and logistics services across 32 cities in India. It develops and operates a mobile application which helps connect the user with the auto drivers in the vicinity. The service was started in Chandigarh by Samar Singla along with Chinmay Agarwal, both alumni of IIT-Delhi, in October, 2014.


In a fresh update, Chandigarh based SoCoMo Technologies Pvt Ltd, which runs on-demand urban transport aggregator Jugnoo, has started a logistics service for businesses called Dodo Deliveries.

This new venture will also augment its recently introduced hyperlocal grocery delivery service Fatafat. Dodo has been integrated with Jugnoo, giving the drivers an additional source of income by taking delivery requests when they are not taking any ride, the company said in a statement.

Samar Singla, CEO of Jugnoo while speaking about the development, mentioned,

“There is an urgent need for end-to-end logistics solutions in the market and Dodo aims to be the next piece of the jigsaw in the hyperlocal marketplace,”

He further added that,

“After launching ‘Fatafat’, tapping the B2B segment was apparent as we had to associate with various vendors to source goods. Therefore, conceptualising and actualising Dodo Deliveries was a natural progression,”

This new service has been made operational in Chandigarh and its adjoining cities. It will be launched in Indore, Gurgaon and Noida within the next two weeks. Jugnoo intends to launch Dodo in more than 15 cities in the next two months.

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