In today’s world where the mantra of the day is “Money make the mare go”, it is very important to have cash handy in order to fulfill any venture. For this cash flow we sometimes resort to borrowing money from various lending sources. Although it looks simple superficially, it can be very tricky and complicated at times. However, the good news is that there is one startup in the block which makes this process easy for the customers. The name is Cashkumar.


Cashkumar is building a customer centric business by being the first company to aggregate various lending sources on a single platform. They work with banks, NBFCs, individual lenders and others; but the focus of their business is the retail customer for an unsecured loan. They provide all options so that a loan seeker declined by a bank still has alternatives to explore.


Team Cashkumar

Founded in 2015 and based out of Bangalore, Cashkumar is the brainchild of 3 co-founders Dhiren, Kannan and Yogesh, all of whom are bestowed with great knowledge across marketing, strategy, product design, technology and more. Dhiren has does his PGDM from IIM Ahmedabad with management roles across multiple verticals such as telcos, education and fintech. Dhiren was also the only recipient of O.P Jindal scholarship at IIM A during the 1st year of PGDM. Kannan has done his masters from IIIT with with a Stanford Certification in design. He has worked with Sun Microsystems and HP where he realized his inclination towards startups. Kannan handles the design and front end of the platform. And last but not the least, Yogesh, a dual gold medalist from IIIT has worked in couple of large tech firms such as Motorola Research, Blue Coat Systems and so on. Yogesh handles the backend as well as mobile strategy at Cashkumar. They are a 9 member team including the 3 co-founders. They have Vikas Mirmira, with 15 years of experience in Marketing heading the Business Dev and Marketing division at Cashkumar. Teena heads the loan advisory team and also interfaces with with Banks & NBFCs for quick turnaround times. The loan advisory team comprise of 4 i.e Sharmila, Divya, Navya and Bhuvaneshwari.


Cashkumar’s strategy has been to attract as many loan seekers as possible to their website and then convert these into requests for loans. There visibility on google search page is a testimony of their great work. As a result, in a short span of 6 months, they have cracked the top 3 for almost every search for ‘personal loan’ variants. Next, the user intuitive interface attracts visitors to leave a request which is proven with a hits to lead ratio which is north of 12% where the industry norm is around 4-5% range.

They have clocked about 2 crores in disbursal last month. They get close to 5000 loan requests every month which peaks at a ratio of 1 lead every 3 minutes during busy hours. Their lending partners include 7 banks, 4 NBFCs and 50 individual lenders where we work on a 1.5%-6% revenue model on loans disbursed.

They work with multiple banks, NBFCs and individual lenders to ensure a high conversion rate for the request received. They have a proprietary algorithm built over thousands of test cases to ensure a low default rate. They have recently launched their P2P platform and disbursed couple of cases via that. They have over 50 lenders already a part of this and scaling on a daily basis, which is very good from business perspective.

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