Locanix was created to harness the power of GPS tracking and create innovative solutions that enable safety, security and operational efficiency. The team at Locanix tries to go beyond the boundaries of traditional GPS tracking solutions in their quest to add more value and solve business problems for their clients.


Locanix partners with multiple hardware manufacturers and constantly tests new products to find the right device at the right price. Locanix employees are held to the highest ethical standards focused on fairness, integrity and loyalty.

As per the latest from the startup, Ahmedabad-based logistic IoT startup, Locanix has received a funding of INR 2 crore from investors including senior executives at investment bank Goldman Sachs and technology company Cisco.

Speaking on the occasion Ruchit Surati, cofounder, Locanix, mentioned,

“The money will be used for further scaling up,”

Locanix has been operational for three years now and uses GPS tracking to provide innovative logistic solutions that help improve safety, security and operational efficiency.

Locanix has been going out of its way to brand itself and has already clients like DSK Toyata, Sadbhav Engineering and Amul. Not just that, Locanix has also partnered with truck manufacturer Mahindra & Mahindra’s truck & bus division (MTBD) thereby strengthening its core business.

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