It is a very well known and well accepted fact that technology and data together can help fast growing businesses uncover hidden sources of growth and also develop a sustainable competitive advantage. What is the need of the hour is to have platforms that will facilitate this. Firecart has understood this mantra very well and is working towards this direction day in and day out.


Ecommerce has changed a lot in recent years.  The explosion of social media  such as Twitter has awoken customers thirst for a more interactive and informative buying experience.  Modern Ecommerce sites that hope to succeed in an Internet of Things IoT environment, that has unprecedented levels of competition must be both armed with and prepared to use every resource available to capture, engage and retain customers.


Co-Founder & CEO of Firecart

Founded in  2015, is an eCommerce marketing automation software by Canvass and is based out of Mumbai. Canvass was founded at the Indian School of Business by two MBA students, Rahul Lakhani and Ankur Nandu. The management team has over a decade of diverse experience building great products for enterprises of all sizes and types. Canvass was founded with a vision of helping businesses understand and target their customers better. Firecart currently has a strong team of 15+ employees, with 200+ customers and 20,098 page views so far. They have a good traction and are utilising this very well.

. They have a good traction and are utilising this very well.

Firecart Marketing Automation Software helps to automate marketing strategy & promotion more effectively. This tool help to create email newsletter and send to a segmented audience, create referral marketing program, lead nurturing, landing page creator, send abandoned cart email, product replenishment reminders and more. Their automation software also helps business to target & engage more audience through referral marketing. Smoothly design engaging emails, send them to the segmented subscribers, and can easily analyse the interactions & reactions occur with their real time analytics.

Firecart is an end to end marketing automation software for small business to enterprice and it helps marketers to understand the customers behaviour. Firecart aims at redefining the online selling for social commerce era.

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