Gianni Versace once said and I quote,

“Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live.”

These lines are so true in context with fashion and lifestyle needs of every individual. One startup that has made this as their mantra is Styletag. Styletag is a lot more than any other online ecommerce site. They focus on chic styles & luxury brands exclusively handpicked and curated for their customers. They also allow their customers to get style tips & interact with industry forerunners.



Sanjay and Yashodhara Shroff – Founders Styletag is India’s first online curated fashion and lifestyle destination that makes luxury products accessible in the form of a flash sale model.Based out of Bangalore and also currently operational in Delhi-NCR and Mumbai, was brought into existence in 2012 by Sanjay and Yashodhara Shroff along with three other technology professionals from the industry – Vivek SP (10 years of IT experience with Infosys), Prashanth HN (one of India’s leading technology bloggers) and Soujanya Sreenath (Software engineer and web designer). This team of five identified a severe dearth in affordable and credible fashion available pan India, especially in Tier B and Tier C cities. However, with initial investments made by Jitendra Virwani, the Co-Founder and Chairman of Embassy Property Developments Limited, Styletag was created to trigger a liaison between the best of couture & affordable fashion and the millions of people based in and around smaller cities across the country. Taking a cue from Sanjay and Yashodhara’s first ever multi-designer luxury store in Southern India, ffolio, which has been operational for more than two decades since 1991, was simply a natural progression to gravitate towards the online medium. Styletag has evolved by leaps and bounds ever since its inception.

Sanjay Shroff is the CEO and Founder of He is a Chemical Engineering student from Rutgers University and an MBA graduate from Kellogg School of Management, Sanjay embarked on his professional journey as an entrepreneur. With deep-rooted understanding of the retail landscape and calculated decision-making, he assisted his wife Yashodhara Shroff in establishing their first retail venture ffolio in 1991. This was the first ever multi-designer luxury store in Southern India. A pioneer in the Indian fashion industry, over the years, Sanjay has managed to etch a niche for ffolio in luxury retail. Meanwhile, Sanjay and Yashodhara noted a severe dearth in affordable and credible fashion available across India, especially in Tier B and Tier C cities. Therefore, by drawing on ffolio’s heritage, Sanjay progressed to the online medium through the launch of in 2012 along with Yashodhara and three other technology experts from the industry. Eventually in 2014, the duo launched its offline model, StyleCafe, which is now a fashion landmark. With an omni-present retailing model, driving sales through both online and offline channels, has emerged as a one-stop fashion destination for all age groups.


They have recently raised a funding of INR 50 crores from Embassy Group, with which they aim to increase the number of their kiosks by the end of this year. Also, in terms of sale they have seen a drastic increase from 200 – 300 hundred orders per month to 400 – 500 orders per day. The online fashion destination now envisions becoming a key player in the women’s wear market with a target audience ranging from middle-income groups to high-income groups.

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