There might have been numerous times when your vehicle breaks down and it is during those moments that we realise that finding the right mechanic at the right time can be troublesome, specially at short notice or when on the road. There is one startup which is working towards this direction and the name is Motomechs.


Motormechs helps you connect to local mechanics to come out and help you at trouble spot. Also their mechanics are verified so you can rest assured that the mechanic/service you are getting is of the highest quality available.


Team Motomechs

Based out of Bangalore and founded in 2015 by David, Unni and Prem, Motormechs is an aggregator of mechanic service for your car and bike. Through their app the user can call a mechanic to his/her location. The app detects users location and automatically contacts the nearby mechanic. If at all one is unable to detect the mechanic, they can call Motomechs through the app and they will find you help.

Motomechs has a strong team of 10 people lead by David, Unni and Prem. David is a computer engineer and IIML almuni. Has experience in MNCs like HP and Microsoft before jumping into the start-up scene. Unni is a IITM alumni from manufacturing and operations background. Prem, an IIMA alumni has been in sales and marketing his whole life. The core team is focused on operations and customer experience. They have an in house team of 10 people that works day and night to solve customer problems and makes the experience of getting mechanical help as easy and convenient as possible.

They have a network of over 100+ mechanics spread strategically across the city.  Motomechs operates 24×7 to reach a commuter whose bike/car is in trouble and get it resolved in 30 minutes. They currently receive approximately 20-40 queries in a day for various mechanical assistance.

Their future plans include expansion to other cities with their operations and business model.

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