The idea of Silvan sparked in 2008 in the midst of the economic meltdown. Silvan’s founders started the company with a view to make people’s lives safer and more secure. They kick-started their operations in Bangalore with a simple yet effective solution – Internet Protocol (IP) cameras with built-in intelligence to detect events automatically. Founded in 2008, Avinash Gautam, Giri Krishna, Nandakumar Raghavan and Mohan G., Silvan, provides technology-enabled security and entertainment options across residential, hospitality & commercial sectors. As the business started to take its own shape, Silvan expanded its scope by entering into the sphere of home automation based on contemporary technologies such as cloud services and the Internet of Things. Silvan’s solutions for home automation has been welcomed by several big players in the field of housing – Sobha, Brigade, Nambiar Builders, Total Environment, Tata Housing, and Lodha to name a few.


As per the latest development, Bangalore-based home automation startup, Silvan Innovation Labs, has raised about $900,000 in equity funding from Infuse Ventures.


Shyam Menon, co-founder and Investment Director at Infuse Ventures, while talking about the funding round mentioned,

“We believe home automation and home energy management are spaces poised to take off and have partnered with Silvan on this journey. It is encouraging to see that in a short span of six months, the company has been able to draw upon its deep B2B experience in this space and build a sleek suite of desirable consumer products. Looking at the pace with which the company is executing, we believe Silvan’s consumer offerings will see strong adoption soon.”

The funds that were raised will majorly be utilised for marketing and creating new home automation products in select segments, such as energy management.

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