Sweets are an essential part of Indian cuisine and one startup that has understood this fact very well is “My Mithaiwala“. My Mithaiwala is an online marketplace for Indian traditional sweet shops. It aims to provide a unique online identity to classical sweet shops and create a platform which is an on-demand one-stop-shop for all sweets and snacks.

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knowstartup-my mithaiwala

Team- My Mithaiwala

Based out of Mumbai, My Mithaiwala was founded in the year 2015 by Siddhant Sarpate, Om Pathre, Deepak Dutt, Ajinkya Shinde and Naresh Pingale who are alumni of  St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. After working for over 8-10 months in recognized companies post graduation, Siddhant Sarpate, Om Pathre, Deepak Dutt, Ajinkya Shinde and Naresh Pingale decided to leave their jobs and give their 100 percent for this venture. The team is determined to build a portal which will satisfy consumer’s sweet cravings in just a few clicks!

Well if we talk about the roles Siddhant is the CEO of the company and handles Business Exapansion and Development. Deepak looks after Business Management & Sales, and is looking after the fundraising process. Om looks after Marketing & Communications and handles advertising, promotions, PR etc for the company. Naresh heads IT & Product Development and is the backbone of the website and the entire tech-product. Ajinkya handles Operations for the company.

My Mithaiwala enhances customer experience by offering a diverse range of sweets and snacks from prominent sweet shops around the city and delivering them real-time to the customer’s doorstep. It manages it’s own delivery logistics to ensure speedy delivery of the sweet parcels.


My Mithaiwala offers a niche online product for sweet shops in Mumbai. It provides a unique presence for all sweet shops online and increases their reach. Also, My Mithaiwala offers a real-time hyper-local service where the customer receives the order within a few hours of placing it. As on date My Mithaiwala has registered 5000 unique visitors on the website and over 500 orders have been successfully delivered over the period of 5 months of them being in operation.

The company plans to provide an online presence to all major sweet shops pan Mumbai and handle their deliveries within a year. They would further like to expand to other major cities in India after having a strong foothold in Mumbai.

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