Stepathlon Lifestyle, a wellness-promoting entity has launched Stepathlon Kids, a company dedicated to children’s fitness programmes. The new firm, through an annual ‘30 Day Race’ around a virtual world, will urge children to take 15,000 steps a day, in a bid to have a healthy lifestyle and to create long-term positive behaviour. Stepathlon Kids will be focused on building children’s holistic health – encouraging of physical activity and educating them on nutrition, exercise, stress and more. Kohli will play a role in creating widespread awareness.


Fitness is the next rising industry in the startup space, given the amount of investor interest they are seeing both from celebrity cricketers and well-known entrepreneurs. Cricketer Virat Kohli on Tuesday kicked off a new fitness venture in a joint venture with Stepathlon Lifestyle. The venture, called Stepathlon Kids, seeks to tackle fitness issues affecting kids by taking them through to a 30-day pedometer-based virtual race that will help increase awareness on health issues.

Speaking on the occasion Ravi Krishnan, co-founder and chief executive of Stepathlon Lifestyle, said,

“With Stepathlon Kids, we aim to ingrain health and wellness in them at an early stage, to build a foundation that will last them a lifetime. Virat has been through a personal fitness transformation and we are proud he’s chosen Stepathlon Kids to build a healthier nation…we can build on the phenomenal success Stepathlon has had in the corporate space.”

At the launch Virat mentioned,

“Stepathlon Kids is a first of its kind and much needed offering in our country, and I’m sure Stepathlon will replicate the success it has witnessed in the corporate space. I will be substantially involved in the development and promotion of Stepathlon Kids to achieve our goal to create a healthier nation through the future of India – our kids.”

The new venture looks to reach 50,000 children in the first year of operations.

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