E-commerce industry is growing at a rate in excess of 25% year-on-year and is expected to continue at this pace until 2020. More and more new users are getting a hang of online shopping. They are on the lookout for the best discounted price for the product they wish to buy. This is where MycouponPromotion comes in where it helps shoppers to find out the latest discount offers from across the ecommerce web in India. Online users can find discount coupons for hundreds of categories including Electronics & Mobiles, Fashion, Travel (Flight, Hotels, Bus), grocery and also health care products and medicines. Coupon codes when applied at the shopping websites fetches extra discount during checkout. One startup that has tried to organise the unorganised business of gathering coupons is MyCouponPromotion.


MyCouponPromotion.in gathers coupons, discount codes, sale offers for getting discounts and cashbacks on hundreds of online shopping websites in India. These Coupons, offers and deals are for the use of online shoppers who apply the coupon codes to get extra discount on the shopping websites. Shoppers also get the visibility of special sale and promotional deals run by major online retailers from time to time all at one place and choose where they can get the best price for their products.


MyCouponPromotion Founder – Renu Mittal

MyCouponPromotion is  based out of Gurgaon and was founded by Renu Mittal in the year 2014. She carries over 10 years of experience with her in IT and travel industry. She has seen the growth of e-commerce industry in India very closely. She loves travel and shopping and feels great about running a venture that meets her interests closely. She has a team of highly energetic individuals who are self-motivated to make a mark in digital marketing industry. Their team size varies from 8 to 12 persons with some seasonal professionals are contracted at specific times of the year to share the workload.

MyCouponPromotion’s mission is to provide a single place for online shoppers to find the best online shopping deals and discounts all at one place, to help online shoppers save time and money by making their discount search quick and easier and to make it a happy experience for all our stakeholders including our partners and customers.

MyCouponPromotion strives hard to get the best deals for its customers so that they don’t stress out in search of coupons and deals while shopping online.

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