DCM Ventures is a venture capital firm with over $2.8 billion under management. Since 1996, they have invested in more than 280 technology companies across the U.S. and Asia. With offices in Silicon Valley, Beijing, and Tokyo, DCM Ventures empowers their entrepreneurs with hands-on operational guidance and a global network of business and financial resources.

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As per the latest information, US-based DCM Ventures, venture capital firm has raised $770 million for its various investment funds. Of this amount, $500 million will be used for DCM’s eighth flagship global investment fund, $100 million (A-fund) for early-stage startups, and $170 million (Turbo Fund) for growth-stage companies.

Till date DCM Ventures has invested in more than 280 technology companies such as 58.com Inc, KakaoTalk, YikYak, Eaze, Jawbone, Tuniu Corp. and Vipshop Holdings Ltd.

DCM Ventures looks to invest around $5 million to $10 million per company with its flagship fund. The firm is interested in bets on artificial intelligence startups, messaging platforms, drones, virtual reality and cross-border technology, such as apps to teach a foreign language.

As per reports, DCM is exploring the virtual reality sector, and believes that this technology has high potential is China. Majority of the VR hardware is made in China and its gaming market is large.

With a focus on financial technology, consumer internet and software-as-a-service, the firm has over 2.8 billion under its management. DCM also has ambitions to gradually expand its business in Israel, Europe and Southeast Asia.

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