Communication is a very important tool for everyone around. In today’s world which is socially connected like never before it becomes an even powerful tool. While Slack is a superb “internal communication platform” and Yammer is an “enterprise social network” that’s getting outdated, it is time for some innovation in the way that organisations handle their employee feedback. One such innovative startup is  inFeedo.


inFeedo is an “enterprise employee feedback platform” with only 1 niche focus area. That is to have one dedicated platform to help organisations act on “Real time employee feedback and suggestions to continuously improve culture.” With anonymity as a USP, it does not involve chat, gossip or social elements and will in fact integrate with both Slack/Yammer very soon. It is those quarterly surveys, suggestion boxes, corridor conversations, unstructured town-halls and half-built unused in-house tools that companies wish to replace.


inFeedo Founder- Tanmaya

For the CEOs out there, inFeedo is a niche employee feedback platform for companies to crowdsource ideas and solve problems, from teams across cities, in-house. It connects every single employee in a company to allow them to share ideas and solve problems, together.

The Gurgaon based company was founded by Tanmaya in the year 2013 and is today a successful B2B SaaS company. He took this leap into the startup world 3 years ago when he was 18, still studying computer science at Shiv Nadar University. He has a strong team of 9 who work day in and day out to make this mission a success.

Growing at 53% QoQ, inFeedo has 5000+ paid users who’ve generated 500+ ideas for their companies in 30+ locations. As a result, they’ve already touched 7 figures in annual recurring revenue.

Their growth plan has a singular focus of touching 10000+ paid users in the international market, with an integration heavy platform that’s almost invisible in terms of its adoption/fitment into the people oriented companies out there. The ultimate goal is that, when an idea strikes anybody, anytime, anywhere it should always land up in inFeedo as a habit for it to be channelised effectively.

“Being product guys at heart, we’re actively (almost desperately) looking to partner with B2B HR companies having a multi-national presence to help us with the same.”

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