Personal Genomics is the Next Generation Health Check Up ! We are all prone to diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, brain disorders, etc. But it’s only through genetic testing that you can accurately find out what diseases you are at risk to. Test your DNA and find out which diseases and illnesses you are most prone to getting in your lifetime.  

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As per the DNA based diagnostic test results experts can recommend preventive measures or early diagnosis which can reduce your risk drastically. The best thing about DNA based diagnostics is that the tests are one time only and suitable for people of all ages since the DNA never changes. One startup that has made a mark in this area is Positive BiosciencePositive Bioscience is India’s leading personal genomics company and specializes in Cancer Genomics, Personal Genomics & Genomics Research.

Based out of Mumbai, Positive Bioscience was founded in 2012 by Samarth Jain along with Dr Meetha Medhora and Bapsy Jain. The startup is focused on a simple philosophy—bring together the power of advanced knowledge to make a difference to treatment of diseases and improve health outcome. We offer interpretational analysis of DNA based diagnostic tests for cancer patients and healthy individuals. This analysis helps clinicians personalize the clinical management of cancer and other health conditions.

Positive Bioscience is India’s leading clinical genomics company using big data and artificial intelligence to predict disease risk in healthy individuals and optimal treatment options in cancer patients. Positive Bioscience believes in providing world-class molecular genetic testing and provides Personal Genomics tests which are targeted to healthy individuals for predicting disease risk and preventing it and Cancer Genomics test which are targeted for guiding treatment in cancer patients.

knowstartup-positive bioscience

Positive Bioscience Founder – Samarth Jain

Positive Bioscience was started by Mr Samarth Jain with Dr Meetha Medhora and Bapsy Jain as co-founders in Oct 2012. In USA, while working on an assignment on Wall Street, Samarth came across upcoming Genomics technologies and how it’s revolutionizing the practice of medicine there. He was moved by the way genomics is improving outcomes in cancer. The real turning point came in March 2012 when he met Dr Santosh Mishra (a leading authority on genomics) and was thrilled to know from him that Genomics can be the Holy Grail in treating many rare and difficult diseases if the enormous genomics data can be processed quickly and accurately to make more meaning out of it. That moment Samarth got the idea of starting a company focused on genomics and technology and the idea of Positive Bioscience was born. After thorough research and preparation Positive Bioscience was started in October 2012.

Positive Bioscience’s Cancer genomics product is the most comprehensive genomic test which helps identify the genetic alterations in a patient’s tumor and match those alterations with relevant targeted therapies and clinical trials. Cancer Genomics test is available for all cancers like Lung Cancer, breast Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Sarcoma etc.

Positive Bioscience’s Personal Genomics test is for healthy individuals who want to learn their disease risk and prevent it. Personal Genomics test is available for understanding the risk Hereditary Cancers, Heart Diseases, Neurological disorders etc. Personal Genomics reports provides personalised prevention plan as per person’s genetic profile with genetic counseling. Positive Bioscience believes that preventing the disease is much easier and cost effective than treating it and thus give enormous focus on preventive strategies.

This startups is ranked among the top 6 startups globally by in 2012. It launched its flagship products Cancer Genomics and Personal Genomics in April 2014. Positive Bioscience also launched India’s first Personal Genomics clinic at Medanta, The Medicity Hospital Gurgaon in August 2014. Not just that it also launched Mumbai’s first Personal Genomics Clinic at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital Mumbai in October 2014. Positive Bioscience also has an exclusive tie-up with Myriad Genetics, USA, world’s leading molecular diagnostic company, since August 2015.

Over next 3 years Positive Bioscience plans to expand aggressively and open 100+ Personal Genomics clinic in all leading cities of India. For cancer genomics company is working very closely with oncologists to improve cancer outcomes in India by making its cutting edge genomics test more accessible to patients. It intends to sequence 2 in 10 cancer patients by 2018 a ratio which is prevalent in USA now for Genomics test.

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