Priyank Kharge, Karnataka’s new information technology minister, is going to introduce a programme that promises to address various problems that startups encounter. One such important problem that startups face is not being able to get the service tax reimbursed from the government.

Many startup entrepreneurs have been looking for clarifications to policy-related questions or assistance to overcome implementation hurdles, which a new state initiative should help resolve. Kharge is expected to announce the finer details of the programme in a couple of days. Startup entrepreneurs face a host of problems and the state government intends to address these through its proposed Startup Booster Kits. Kharge said in a statement:

“They may find licensed software or data storage or internet expensive. They may be facing a lack of legal and accounting assistance. They may not know if their idea is good enough or can become a proof of concept. We will help them,” - priyank kharge

The plan is to have an integrated startup cell, and the booster kits which can prove to be a game-changer for entrepreneurs. Kharge added:

“We will give all kinds of help, including legal, accounting and mentoring. If you have an idea and want to develop it as a proof of concept, one can do that in our incubation centres. I have about 300 extra seats lying vacant, which I can share with about100 startups,”

The IT department will also throw open its doors to connect startup entrepreneurs with venture capitalists and government funds available for various sectors. The department also plans to make the back-end processing for dealing with startups sector-specific. The Karnataka information technology and biotechnology department are also tying up with various dealers who are willing to provide their products and services to registered startups at a concession. With all these efforts the state is surely setting a benchmark for others in the country.

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