The world has become a brimming pool of technology and we are in a steady stream of turnkey solutions. In such times it no longer remains just about marketing and advertisements. It requires a broader gamut of cost efficient services to help companies derive the best from their marketing efforts. One such startup that is working day in and day out towards realising this goal is BrandBerry Marcom.



Aayushi Jain – Founder BrandBerry Marcom

BrandBerry Marcom (P) Ltd., a part of the BigWig India Group, is a leading full-spectrum marketing communications agency focused on consulting, and delivering end-to-end, fully managed services. Founded in 2014 with an intent to provide a single stopover for marketers to accomplish their marketing needs, today BrandBerry’s marketing solutions are leveraged by leaders across a range of industry verticals. BrandBerry Marcom (P) Ltd. curates content and images from different sources and puts them together for our readers. They meticulously attribute all credit for images to the source.

Founded in 2014 and headquartered at Noida, BrandBerry Marcom (P) Ltd. is an integrated full service marketing communications agency. BrandBerry is the brainchild of Aayushi Jain. After graduating in Mass Communication and pursuing a Diploma in Animation & Interactive Technology, Aayushi stepped into the corporate world and worked as a film director and marketer with several major brands. A keen observer, during her professional career she recognized many inefficiencies in the traditional approach followed by most marketers. After constantly brainstorming over the years, she finally launched BrandBerry Marcom, a perfect ally to marketers of today. Aayushi has been the star of the show and the energy fueling the creative processes at BrandBerry Marcom. In addition to Aayushi,  Animesh Mishra has been instrumental in taking outdoor advertising solutions at BrandBerry to a whole new level, coming with solutions that can turn heads every now and then.

Unlike most leading marketing and advertising agencies, BrandBerry Marcom offers you its services in the simplest form yet—they are a ‘Means to an End’. As a leading full-spectrum marketing communications agency, they are focused on consulting, and delivering end-to-end, sustainable, fully managed services. Their service is prompt as they live by the standard, “Converting Every Call into a Possible Customer.” BrandBerry presents to you ingenious advertising solutions that are problem-solvers and empower brands to share their ideas with the world with less or no effort.


The advertising agency market must give way to young, creative energy that does things differently -BrandBerry’s seeks to be this young energy governing the tomorrow of the advertising business in India in specific and across the globe in general.

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