Neuron is a Natural Language Processing platform that has its models and technology built on the latest Machine Learning modules. Neuron provides API to developers, marketeers, organization, CEO, anyone who needs to learn about the deep insights of the any kind of textual data. For recommendation systems, for feedback analysis, for advertisements etc. Currently, they have four different API working on various aspects of Natural Language Processing and we hope to reach a level where automation of text data, from processing to analysis to generation, is a child’s play. Neuron uses Machine Learning to build its technology that helps developers and organizations to learn deep insights of any form of textual data.

According to the latest buzz, New Delhi-based machine learning platform for text analysis, Neuron, has raised an angel funding of $200,000. The round was led by Harvinder Singh Bhatia, CFO Netmagic & Founder of Radiowala. Along with cracking the deal, it has also launched its SaaS platform for developers around the globe.

Neuron was launched in November 2014 by Veer Mishra and Aaditya Kakde and  was incubated by TLABS and had also raised a small seed round from them.

Speaking about the development, Veer Mishra, founder of Neuron, mentioned,

“We already have around 200+ developers across the globe who are testing our beta platform and it should scale up to 1000+ in next couple of months.”

He further added,

“We believe that India is a growing market and people have a huge requirement of Machine Intelligence and NLP for their software and services as it helps them extract insights of their data hence the user behavior. Automation is becoming a part of almost everything now.”

The funds raised would be utilised for R&D in machine learning and natural language processing to develop deep learning models with the best accuracy industrially possible and hire the best talent pool for machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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