Schools play a very important role in the holistic development of individuals. School is the place that lays foundation for development and growth of children and it is very important that they get the best of information at all times. One such way is imbibing a scientific temperament among the students is by creating kits for curriculum based projects. One such startup that is working towards this direction is ProjectsforSchool.lknowstartup-projectsforschool

ProjectsforSchool designs, develops and manufactures do it yourself (DIY) kits for curriculum based projects in science, math, social studies, computer science, arts and crafts for class 4th – 12th. These kits include all the material required for making a model, step by step pictorial instructions to make the project, necessary theory behind the model, evaluation sheet to make the student think and reflect. These DIY kits can be ordered online one off or on a subscription model. They are ready with science projects for school, science fair ideas, science fair models and intelligent gift ideas and expanding their range continuously. They conduct workshops “Make Your Own Model” where students of different age groups come together to learn various concepts using their kits. These workshops are organized around various themes, topics and are scheduled round the year. They empanel workshop facilitators to organize these workshops across India.


Team ProjectsforSchool

Founded by Dr. Naina Arora and Dr. Devendra Kumar Punia, ProjectsforSchool was established in the year 2015 and is based out of Jaipur. Dr. Naina is the COO and the founder and brings the drive and energy to the business. Education being her passion and a knack to do same things differently brought her to start this venture. She looks after product development and operations. Dr. Devendra Kumar Punia has 20 years experience in the fields of IT consulting, BPR, knowledge management, e-governance, software development, project management with keen interests in teaching and research. He did his PhD in experiential knowledge management in IT project teams. Being passionate about IT and education, Devendra always felt the gap when it came to the education of his two daughters. In an effort to make curriculum fun and engaging for his daughters, he realized the burden on parents like himself. This led to evolution of the idea for this venture, He looks after technology and marketing.

They have designed 55 DIY kits for projects in science so far. We are getting average 400 visitors to our website daily. We are selling 100+ kits monthly. They setup Science Activity Centres in schools, where they provide these DIY kits and a facilitator, if needed. In these centres students can make models and experiment with these to understand various theoretical concepts better. This helps students to develop independent thinking, enhance problem solving skills, develops innovative aptitude.

ProjectsforSchool already has online and offline channel for selling these DIY kits. With workshops and activity centres, they are going to reach the target customers. They are going to provide digital content for using their kits and pedagogy in the classroom. That would help us reach international audience. When the idea matures, they envisage schools and colleges using their experiential, hands on pedagogy and kits to teach students.

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