In today’s fast paced world where everyone seems to be busy creating a good life for themselves, what is missing is time to look for things that really interest us. Hobbies long forgotten, interests long lost are all we have in some small corner of our minds. We have the money to accomplish these but what we lack is the time to find the right tutors. This is the concern that Qriyo has made its business.


Qriyo is an initiative by IIT Bombay alumni , to provide it’s customers with an easy access to activities and workshops designed to make their lives better. All the courses are available at your home in the price you would not bother to pay. They provide services in three categories:

1. Fitness Yoga, Zumba, Sports, Acupuncture, Physiotherapist

2. Extra Curricular & Creative Learning, Dance, Martial Arts, Fine Arts, Theater, Cooking

3. Academics Subject Experts, Foreign Languages, Abacus, Vedic Maths, Software & Programming

The startup was founded by IIT Bombay alumni duo Mudit Jain and serial entrepreneur Rishabh Jain.It provides courses at home from wide domains including academics, cocurricular, extracurricular and fitness with philosophy. An entrepreneur at heart, Mudit is currently serving as CEO and is also heading product development. Prior to this, he was heading the India division of Finmechanics as Country Head. After graduating from IIT Bombay in 2011, he worked with consulting arm of PricewaterhouseCoopers US in the areas of strategy and analytics. Then he moved to Finmechanics for the role of consultant in the domain of Financial Technology. He is quite passionate about technology and brings along 4 years of deep technology and management experience. A truly multi-dimensional personality, Rishabh is serving as COO to steer Qriyo operations to 6 sigma quality. Words that best describe Rishabh are a businessman, civil engineer and poet. He is a published author and loves to travel. Associated with various startups in past, he brings his management, processes, and operations experience to team Qriyo.


Based out of Jaipur and founded in 2015, Qriyo is a platform providing evaluated tutors for more than 400 courses in academics, co-curricular, extracurricular and fitness segment. They keep a list of teachers in their database. Before putting them in the database they do their thorough evaluation. They note their location, experience, salary expectation once they pass the evaluation. A learner can book a course with them via the phone or using our website. They ask the customer about their requirement, location etc. As soon as they get a request they start doing matchmaking based on several parameters and find out a list of suitable teachers. Then they select the best teacher from that list. The matchmaking is performed by an algorithm that they have built. The selected teacher is sent for a demo and if the learner likes the demo they start the course or else they send another teacher from the list. The teacher goes to the home at a time that the learner prefers.


Team Qriyo

Qriyo has a dedicated tech team working on their innovative product. Sales team to pitch about them to the customers. Content team to make courses and do every other writing assignments. Operations team looking after offline requirements and organizing Qriyo events. On receiving a customer request, they take information like location, course needed etc and then employ a matchmaking algorithm to match a teacher with the requirement. It’s the precision of their matchmaking algorithm that about 90% of our demos are converted.

Qriyo aspires to be the de-facto go-to place for consumers and providers for the learning based services and at the same time generate employment opportunities. Their future plans include expansion to Delhi, Mumbai, and other cities very soon.

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