Social media can play a significant role in drawing attention to any social startup. Establishing a presence and nurturing connections with supporters are key components to getting the word out about your cause; ultimately boosting funding and support for your work.


Since billions of people are connected on social media sites, you’re truly missing out if you’re not tapping these exceptional resources. Here are some surprising numbers on the total active users on popular social networks:

• Facebook: 1.41 billion
• Twitter: 288 million
• LinkedIn: 347 million
• Pinterest: 70 million

Below are 8 quick tips for gaining exposure and raising money for your startup using social media.

1. Choose the right social networks

There are so many different social media platforms now circulating the internet, but it’s impractical to manage and update profiles on each one regularly. You’ll need to pick and choose the right social media channels that are relevant to your business as well as your targeted audience. It’s best to have social media profiles on a smaller number of networking platforms because you can easily monitor them, keep them up-to-date, and interact with your followers more closely.

2. Start branding YOU

You are your business, not the network marketing company you’re with. Begin by thinking about who you want to attract. Do you want to work with stay at home moms? People who want to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle? Realtors? Struggling network marketers?

Then, begin creating free content like videos, blog posts, articles, etc. that are educational and will solve their problems. This will begin establishing you as an authority and instead of repelling people and being looked at as a pitch person, you’ll be seen as a person of value!

3. Tell your story

Every great organization has a story to tell. Stories attract onlookers to your cause in ways that facts and stats do not. It is important to connect with your company cause. Tell why it is important. Share the impacts you have made and the ones you look forward to making. The better you are at telling your story, the better your audience will be at sharing it.

4. Understand your supporters

These are the people investing in you. They understand your impact and want to be a part of your growth. Pay close attention to the posts that your supporters favor from you and the ones they do not. Leverage this information so that you can better appeal to them, and craft campaigns based on what you know they already love about you.

5. Provide customer service on social media

It’s very important for your startup to communicate regularly with valuable customers. Resolving your customer’s problems will help forge a healthy relationship between your brand and your audience. Although you might be using conventional ways to provide support over the phone or through email, you can also use social media platforms to provide effective customer service. Respond to each of your customer’s comments and suggestions on your social media pages to showcase your dedication to their satisfaction. It’s a simple and money-saving method because you won’t need to set up a separate team for calling customers or to buy telephone lines.

6. Build an online community

Having a successful social media strategy means building your own online community on different networking platforms. You can do this simply by personally interacting with your audience and developing strong relationships with them. Also, you can build a community by showing genuine concern for human connection and customer satisfaction. Posting about things you love and showing your team’s hard work is a great way to maintain a positive sentiment.
In general, customers greatly appreciate companies that put in effort to engage with their followers and connect with their audience. For instance, Thrillist has created a strong online community on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to regularly share information with their users.

7. Don’t be afraid to experiment

At times, finding out what social media posts will go viral simply takes a hefty amount of trial and error. Make sure you allow your startup the chance to succeed with new experiments, even if there’s a possibility that the campaign will fail. Thinking outside of the box will generate new innovative ideas and develop the good spirit you’ll need to resolve any problems later on.

8. Spend wisely

A social media account is free, but that doesn’t mean your social strategy won’t cost you both money and other resources. The question is, where and how do you spend with regards to your social media strategy, in order to maximize the return on your investment?

You can pay on Facebook or Twitter to promote your posts to a larger number of people. And some sites will simply let you buy social media followers outright. Perhaps the best investment, though, is a social media manager. Rather than focusing on numbers, a manager can help you develop a complete social media marketing strategy that will help you turn those numbers into investors for your startup.

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