ansrsource provides learning consulting, design, and delivery services using our full-time team of hundreds of passionate global experts. They serve millions of learners using all major learning methodologies and technologies. It has more than a decade of experience working on the most compelling ideas in digital education. ansrsource designs and builds the assessment, instruction, and interactivity that facilitates effective online learning in academic and professional environments around the world.


As per a fresh development at their end, Bangalore-based education solutions provider ansrsource has launched an accelerator program, anscelerator, – ‘ansrsource Learning Accelerator’ for edtech startups. The program is launched with Kyron Global as the accelerator partner

It will be a 16-week intensive program beginning September 2016. The program will discover and enhance learning technologies that can facilitate effective authoring, design, and delivery of learning assets.

Speaking on the occasion, ansrsource CEO Rajiv Narayana mentioned,

“This program will allow us to evaluate the ecosystem of ideas in the market against the challenges we face meeting learners’ evolving needs. The ideas coupled with our unique window into the exploding learning industry will create tremendous and disruptive opportunities for our anscelerator partners, for ansrsource, and for students globally.”

Ansrsource will draw on its extensive experience with clients in the learning space to provide startups with insight into the latest technology trends, client requirements, and industry best practices. The applications for this programme will be open till 15 August 2016.

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