Books are considered human being’s best friend and more so in case of students this fact becomes even more inevitable. Books form the most important part of a student’s life, however, we all might have come across times when we either don’t find the book that we need or we have too many book to take care of and don’t know what to do with them. One startup that has been working towards tackling this problem is

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StudentDesk is a book exchange platform where students across the country can buy, sell, exchange, their books, novels or any kind of study material within their institute/city.

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Founded by Karan Pujara in the year 2014, Ahmedabad based StudentDesk is working day and night towards solving these very common problems of a student’s life. Started in 2014 as a final year college project, now our portal has a decent number of institutes on the list. With an increasing number of users and frequently uploads of the books and materials nationwide, StudentDesk is serving the purpose really well. StudentDesk currently is a team of five like-minded people working towards one common goal.

There are average 4000 students in every college and they are not aware of the fact that the book which is on their wish list is already read by some other book reader and he would not hesitate to share it with other book lovers of their college, so at StudentDesk they are bridging this communication gap and connect book readers of various institutes. Reuse, Exchange, and Circulation of books will not only make accessing book economical but will also help in building the sustainable environment. Moreover, StudentDesk removes the discretionary need of middlemen in the market.

Very soon they are going to start Camus Ninja campaign, where they will select passionate students from different institutes who can contribute to the growth of Book Exchange initiative in their respective institutes and at the same time ensure that they will get practical business exposure which will also help them to start something of their own.

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All these feature make StudentDesk stand out in the crowd and make it one of India’s finest book exchange portal where you can buy, sell, exchange your books / magazines within your institute/city all at one place.

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