Once you become an entrepreneur, your life changes in more than one way. You feel like a different person with new traits being inculcated with every passing day and experience.

1. You become passionate about work than you have ever been and you will find it difficult to believe how you ever worked 9 to 5. You value the freedom that you get when you work on your own and surely won’t go back to old.

2. Your whole though process changes. Because you are in control you also need to bring in the critical thinking process. You get the ability to reduce most things to numbers and objectively analyse things.

3. Your start taking criticism and feedback in a positive manner and take it as an opportunity to improve.

4. You are constantly learning new stuff and you think and brainstorm at all times. Not just this, you find yourself reading whenever you get time, because you want to absorb the most and bring it to use at the right time.

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5. You realize and value the power of knowing the right people and establishing connections.

6. You become more confident and find it easier to talk to people and express your opinions, also you feel less pressure to oblige everyone and learn to say no when needed.

7. You get the power to see patterns in chaos and connect the dots. You get the ability to predict the future trends and work on it.

8. You are no longer afraid of experimenting and are not stuck in your comfort zone. You get the courage to explore and adapt, take risks and get over failure.

9. You learn how to keep your cool and be calm in tense situations.

10. You become less afraid to ask questions and break the rules for better.

Entrepreneurship is not a science or an art, it is a way of living!

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Ruchi Pandita

Ruchi is a word-weaver, a painter, an amateur photographer and a poet at heart. The ease with with she can explain the most complex stuff impresses people around her. Being a gemini, she is never content, always looking for new ways to explore her self and the world around. The startup revolution has greatly influenced her and she is using her talent to help budding entrepreneurs find the way forward.

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