Flipkart is an e-commerce company founded in 2007 by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal. The company is registered in Singapore, but has its headquarters in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Flipkart has launched its own product range under the name “DigiFlip” with products including tablets, USBs, and laptop bags. Over time the company has been undergoing various changes and upgrades to keep up with the changing market trends.


As per the latest development, Flipkart, in a bid to become number one in online retail shopping, has launched a new website called a ‘web-app’. The feature has been rolled keeping in mind users’ shopping patterns.

The new web-app will combine the speed of a mobile app with the elaborate experience of desktop like shopping feel. The web-app would lead to an increase in the number of sales of items like refrigerators, mobiles, laptops, furniture, and other large appliances since these are the products that require an ample amount of decision making time from the user’s end.

This move from Flipkart aims at tapping into a multi-platform user experience where one shifts from the app to the website in the process of shortlisting the product to be purchased.

Speaking about the development,  Surojit Chatterjee, senior VP of product at Flipkart mentioned,

“There is no desktop-only or mobile-only shopper. They keep moving between the two platforms. There is a direct connection between speed, usability and conversion.”

The platform has been built on mobile web infrastructure which will enable access to Flipkart’s website using a lesser amount of Internet bandwidth and data. The new features that it includes are compare buttons, availability, top product features, histogram price filters and color coded rating reviews. The first fold of the product now includes a ‘list-view’ of the features like its highlights, services, affordability mechanisms, all in one place, enabling a seamless shopping experience.

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