Bangalore based Tricog Health Services, manufactures cloud-connected ECG devices for faster and accurate diagnosis of heart conditions. They use technology to help patients gain access to quick, accurate and affordable diagnosis, which can lead to significant mortality reduction. Their Tricog ECG devices, strategically located at local clinics help doctors detect heart complications within minutes of your arrival. Their devices are cloud-connected and accessed only by trained expert doctors. Within minutes of collecting the ECG results, the diagnosis is shared with both the patient and the doctor in real-time. The system is designed to additionally enable continuity of care at a tertiary centre when required.


As per the latest update, Tricog has raised nearly INR 12 crore from venture capital firms Inventus Capital Partners and Blume Ventures in its Series A round. It raised another INR 2 crore from angel investors.

This startup was formed in January 2015 by a team comprising Dr Charit Bhograj, PhDs Dr Zainul Charbiwala and Dr Udayan Dasgupta and software architect Abhinav Gujjar, has manufactured its own hardware for ECG devices that can send information to a cloud. The company has a 24/7 specialist team that analyses the data and sends reports from its mobile app.

While speaking about the development, Dr Charit Bhograj mentioned,

“Our device helps not only in reducing the time for diagnosis but also ensures accuracy. We have filed a patent for our technology, all of which we built in Bengaluru,”


Adding to this, Parag Dhol, MD Invetus mentioned,

“Data intensive problems are getting disrupted by machine-learning, which will soon be the case in every single industry,”

He further added,

“It was also the inter-disciplinary nature of the team that we liked. It is a complete team,”

Tricog will use the funds to scale across the country and develop the technology. The company has already installed 250 devices in hospitals and clinics in Karnataka, and has also conducted trials in countries such as Malaysia and the Philippines.

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