When Abhimanyu and Mukund joined a startup in Pune for internship during the final year of engineering from Pune Institute of Computer Technology, they realized that there were a lot of gaps that could be filled in the healthcare sector. More so when, their final year project involved collecting data directly from medical devices – like the ECG monitor —and storing them on the cloud. That was when the idea of LiveHealth was born.

LiveHealth is a healthcare IT company founded on 21st October 2013 by Abhimanyu Bhosale and Mukund Malani. Based out of Pune, Livehealth brings a revolutionary wave in the healthcare space. It is a game-changing medical records management platform and works as a management information system (MIS) for healthcare providers. The platform makes every step of the process smarter, from collecting samples, to diagnosing them and generating reports by optimizing and analyzing patients’ information.

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Abhimanyu tells Knowstartup:

“Mukund and I were very fascinated by the thought that there was so much to do in the medical space. I realised every chronic patient (more than one percent of the total population) has to do routine checkups and these are not monitored or logged properly. We decided to deliver medical records to patients the second they are done, directly on the phone,”

The 35 member, steadily growing team, works on a platform that also caters to the healthcare providers devoid of technical knowledge, by helping them manage their diagnostic center, automate processes, visualize & analyze finances and connect better with their customer. Healthcare providers can integrate the SaaS (Software as a Service) model of LiveHealth into their systems at an affordable range, depending on the complexity of the offering and the number of centers they own

Abhimanyu explains how LiveHealth is unique than other players:

“Once a patient decides to do some diagnostic tests with one of the 270 Diagnostic Centres that we have tied up with, the system does the following:

  • It registers the patient with the provider
  • Generates a unique barcode for the sample
  • Tracks the status of the sample
  • Collects the results directly from medical instruments in the lab.
  • Using the barcode generated earlier, the test results are then automatically fed into corresponding reports of patients, and verified by doctors via the app itself.

Our reports are easy to read and have the reference ranges for test results displayed in an effective manner. Also, the biggest difference between normal reports and ours is that we make doctors and pathologists give a conclusion or diagnosis, which is usually not present in normal reports”

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Currently LiveHealth has powered 270+ Diagnostic Centres and their 35,000+ Doctors to cater 10 million+ medical records to 4 lakh+ patients. They are planning to enter healthcare space by next year. They also have plans to raise funds to scale up their presence in 10 more cities in India by 2017. The team also wants to enhance their base in South East Asia and Middle East region by next year. Apart from expansion, they will also take up co-branding with diagnostic centres making sure that quality of care is universalized across the region and pricing is also universal across the region. The venture is also coming up with a model to maximize the standardization of quality care.

On the other hand the system can also function like a customer relationship management software that lets healthcare providers interact with patients. The company has already raised its first round of angel funding of USD 3,00,000 from healthcare veterans like Dr. Rajaram Samant, CEO of Akumentis Healthcare, and Dr. Pramod Dhembare, founder and MD, Fidelity Diagnostics. With almost every household having people with lifestyle ailments like diabetes, hypertension etc and regural medical examinations needed to be done, a venture like Livehealth is always required to make the analysis easier, efficient and quicker.

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