With the ecommerce revolution that has gripped the world, the choices have increased many folds and all this has ultimately left the end user confused. At this juncture what one requires is, is a platform where one can discover products and get recommendations for the same. One startup that has made this problem their business is Unbxd Inc.


Unbxd Inc is an ecommerce product discovery & recommendation platform. This SmartEngage Platform helps ecommerce companies increase conversions & improve the online shopping experience with products like Personalised Search & Navigation, Dynamic Landing Pages & Intelligent Product Recommendations. Unbxd Commerce Search is delivered through Unbxd’s highly optimized cloud infrastructure that enables e-commerce platforms to provide an advanced search and recommendation experience on their websites.


Founders Unbxd Inc

Founded by Pavan Vilas Sondur and Prashant Kumar in the year 2011, Unbxd is based out of Bangalore. It is an eCommerce product discovery platform that helps merchandisers. It provides search, navigation, product recommendations, merchandizing and analytics capabilities to eCommerce companies. Unbxd’s products make it easier for eCommerce players to showcase targeted & relevant products and recommendations to visitors, and track visitor interactions.

Pavan Sondur defines the road map for all technology and innovation at Unbxd. With a vision to be a leading Search as a Service player for eCommerce sites, Pavan founded Unbxd in the year 2011. Under his dynamic leadership Unbxd has developed a suite of products in the area of product recommendations through search, navigation and personalization. Pavan envisions taking Unbxd to the global business as an Indian startup and will be focusing on markets like North America. Prior to Unbxd, Pavan was a part of early team at Gluster (a US based startup) that built GlusterFS. GlusterFS turned to a highly successful open source scalable filesytem which was later acquired by RedHat Corporation. Pavan holds a Bachelor degree in Engineering from SJCE Mysore. The team consists of Pavan Vilas Sondur who is the CEO and Co- Founder and Prashant Kumar who is the CTO and Co- Founder.

Unbxd’s products make it easier for eCommerce players to showcase targeted & relevant products and recommendations to visitors, and track visitor interactions. Unbxd took shape when India was on the throes of an ecommerce revolution. Ecommerce was seeing huge growth, with traditionally offline shoppers moving online, and huge investments coming into the industry. They were able to solve a very real pain-point for e-retailers, and saw great initial traction. They expanded to the US, the largest ecommerce market in the world. Furthermore, they have also gone global in a big way, serving more than 1200 e-tailers. Powering 400+ e-tailers in the US alone, they generate 85% of their revenue from the US market, largest online retail market in the world.

As part of their future plans, they entail capturing a significant share of North American market, while become the leading provider of ecommerce site search & recommendations in India and APAC.

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