Quitting your job sounds scary right? Well, whatever anyone says, it definitely is. But its less scarier than spending your life in the monotonous work place where you feel choked out of creativity and freedom for sure.

Working for a Startup can be significantly different than working in a defined role in an established company with set processes. It is demanding, unsettling and fun at the same time with immense learning. If you are just starting your career, or looking for a job change and ready to move out of your comfort zone, following are the reasons why you should consider working for a Startup instead of a monotonous regular Corporate job.


Here are 9 reasons why you should take the plunge and enter the startup world instead.

1. Fantastic Career Growth

A well-established corporate may pay more than a startup initially but after a point of time your growth stagnates in a corporate set-up. But if you work hard and smart in a startup, your career can grow by leaps and bounds –  not only in terms of money, but also in terms of promotions. Working for a Startup can make you Team Leader/Manager in quick time depending upon your contribution to the success of that startup.

2. Enormous Opportunities

A startup provides unlimited opportunities to get rewarded. But the rewards come based on an incentive based system, not on competition with your peers. The opportunities are plenty to acquire new skills and expertise and your performance decides your promotion and raise in your salary. You can have lots of learning and experience practical applications which will boost your confidence and make you a ‘pro’ in whatever you do.

3. Can do a lot of different things

Whether it’s writing, designing, filling out spreadsheets, or any other task, it’s usually a one-person-fits-one-task kind of position. If that sounds like your startup job, then, you’re doing something wrong. Working at a startup will allow you to try on a lot of different hats, even that weird one that you didn’t think you would ever like, but find out that you did.

4. Your work matters

Because most startups are lean and scrappy organizations consisting of a limited number of people and supported by an even smaller number of resources, startups cannot afford to have any slackers on board. When you fail, you cause an “epic failure” and when you win, everyone in the company knows about it. But either way, you are making a difference and learning quickly from your mistakes.

5. Great Work Culture

Startups know and never forget to celebrate success. Lots of fun activities and parties awaits you if you are joining a startup. Startup culture fosters laughter, debate and a passionate non-politically correct focus on getting things done. And this startup of culture is something entrepreneurs struggle to maintain, as the business grows.

6. Endless Innovation and Creativity

If you feel that you can be innovative and creative in solving problems or developing something, then a startup is the right place to be in for you. Every successful startup has true innovators and give you a chance to apply your creativity in business. Also, you’ll learn plenty working with others who share the same enthusiasm for innovations.

7. You’ll work in an awesome atmosphere

Startup culture fosters laughter, debate and a passionate non-politically correct focus on getting things done. And this startup of culture is something entrepreneurs struggle to maintain, as the business grows. The same has happened to the big MNC’s who we know today. They started up from the living room of that apartment where there were no fixed work timings or the usual dress codes.

To ensure this environment continues, CEO’s of modern day startups are focusing on creating a strong foundation and ensure everyone is on board.

8. You witness change happening quickly

Instead of asking your boss a question that results in the formation of committee and then tabling the idea until next month’s board meeting, startups decisions are made quickly. And this sort of fast pace results in growth which helps you gain experience in a multitude of areas while also being part of a company where your input makes a difference.

9. You get to be an “in” trepreneur

Most entrepreneurs are the crazy people who pull all-nighters and do whatever it takes to convince the world that it needs their solution, but when you work at a startup you get to be an “in-trepreneur.” Basically, you get to be entrepreneurial within the organization. If you have a great idea to increase the bottom line, you have the ear of the top dogs. You gain experience in many areas of the business as you are usually wearing multiple hats simultaneously.

If you are convinced, it’s time to quit your corporate and join a startup.

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