Being an entrepreneur is not a cake walk, not only do you need devotion and necessary technical skills, there are a whole bunch of soft skills that you should possess.


1. Confidence

Confidence is often mistaken for just a attribute. It is not just an attribute but also a skill which needs to be mastered. Entrepreneurs needs to place confidence their business ides, their selves and the in others who work for and with them. When you trust someone with their abilities, you end up encouraging them to do it better. Also, the most important part is to have confidence even when things are not going well.

2. Selling skills

One of the most important skills an entrepreneur can have is the ‘art of selling’. You will have to sell a lot- your ideas and your skills to customers, investors and potential employees. You also need to sell your your confidence, leadership, vision and values. Most importantly you sell your products/services. Being a good salesperson will means that you can convenience people who matter, that your idea and the product is the one they are looking out for.

 3. This that or the other?

Entrepreneurship make you utilize your gut instincts a lot of times. When it comes to making swift decisions, you can try to grasp a lot of knowledge before finalising, but as you are venturing into a mostly unknown territory, you need to goo with your gut feeling. I said swift decisions because that is what you have to do when you are an entrepreneur. If you take a lot of time to decide, you need to change your ways.  You have to take a lot of decisions, big and small on a daily basis.

4. Learning skills

Learning should never end and as an entrepreneur you need to be a quick learner. You have to be willing to learn new skills constantly. You should continually set aside time to learn new skills. Synthesize new knowledge, memorize information, gain relevant skills, and be able to utilize all this knowledge to create new things and re-engineer the old ones.

5. Finish what you start

When you are an entrepreneur, you have to finish what you start. Anything that is not done with the intent of finishing will add up to business failure. Doing tasks partially is going to do no good, especially when you known that business is entropic and has a tendency to move from order to disorder in no time.

6. Time management and planning

Master the skill of prioritization and planning. Planning should be done in advance and make adjustments and changes whenever required. Have retrospection meetings to look back on how the plans went. Time once gone, is never coming back, so use your time well.

7. Communication

An entrepreneur should have the skill to speak crisp and clear. For this your understanding of the business domain should be thorough. An entrepreneur should be ready to answer tough questions, these questions can be coming from potential investor or customers. If you fail to present an intelligent answer you might be out of a deal. And when you speak, it should reflect your enthusiasm.

8. Courage

Courage is the backbone of an entrepreneur. When you have courageous, you recognize the risks, but take action regardless. You accept the risk before you start and try to do what is possible to mitigate the risk while moving forward. As an entrepreneur you have to be prepared to overcome your fears and ensure they don’t keep you from reaching your potential. And trust me there will be a lot of such fearful moments.

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Ruchi is a word-weaver, a painter, an amateur photographer and a poet at heart. The ease with with she can explain the most complex stuff impresses people around her. Being a gemini, she is never content, always looking for new ways to explore her self and the world around. The startup revolution has greatly influenced her and she is using her talent to help budding entrepreneurs find the way forward.

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