With the start of the year bringing some ugly news in the recruiting scenarios for top B- schools in India, it is getting better by the day. According to reports, India’s ten biggest recruiters have significantly increased their hiring from Top B – Schools. According to a study conducted by ET, in the current year about 1,543 MBAs were hired from 26 B-schools. The number for the same was just 1,033 from 22 campuses in 2015.

The study also shows that all top recruiters have hired more numbers than they did in 2015. In the current year, top 10 recruiters have hired on an average 59 per campus. The average number in 2015 and 2014 resp. was 47 and 37. There were some surprises as well, Cognizant, which enjoyed the top slot for the past 5 years, has to loose it out to Deloitte this year. The venture was at number 3 last year, and had consistently been on top 5 recruiter list. Deloitte hired approximately 282 hires this year.

Cognizant, stands on number two position with 245 hires, followed by ICICI Bank in third slot. The e-commerce venture Snapdeal, which was at number 9 slot till last year is now completely out of the picture, not sending very positive signals about the Indian e-commerce industry.

The technology space performed better with Infosys making an entry for the first time, straight to the number four slot. Apart from this Tata Consultancy Services which last featured on the top recruiters list in 2013 came in now at number eight and IBM which was absent from the scene is now back with a ranking of number 10.

Not just the B-schools, IIT were also greatly impacted by the sad state, we had reported how e-commerce form Myntra had delayed the joining of hires from IIT and IIM, which later led to blacklisting of Myntra from the list of companies that go to IIT/IIM for campus placement.

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