Education is one of the most important pillars of success for any individual, however, what our current education system lacks is, innovation. There is a huge need to co-create a knowledge bank to empower the human race with the opportunity to attain an excellent education through innovative, well planned, affordable & easily accessible techniques. One startup that is working towards this direction is GurujiWorld Technologies.


GurujiWorld is an entrepreneurial venture with a mission to simplify the learning process for individuals by providing effective e-learning solutions. They have developed innovative delivery frameworks for e-learning contents, catering to Computer Education, Spoken English, Basics of Accounting & Tally and other skills. Other educational products include GEMS – an online and offline School Management Software on a Fully Managed S-a-a-S model and an online mock examination.


Girish Prabhu – Founder GurujiWorld

GurujiWorld was founded by Girish Prabhu in the year 2007 and is based out of Pune. Girish Prabhu, the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of GurujiWorld Technologies Private Ltd. believes that any individual if he has a passion for what he does and a strong will, he can revolutionize the society and bring change. Being an e- Learning propagandist, Girish has 14 outstanding years of strong working experience in the realm of use of ICT tools for training and development. Throughout his journey, he has initiated several projects, including Online Training Framework implemented at Tata Honeywell that eventually drew a lot of recognition for him from the experts in the e- Learning fraternity. Apart from his witty nature, he brings with him a stupendous experience in ideation, visualization, product design and development, remote strategic initiatives, corporate strategy and corporate marketing. He has also been engaged with some of the largest company-wide engagements in education sector across India. As a founder & CEO, Girish has provided calculated direction and leadership to management and individual team players through involvement in technology innovation and mapping market opportunities. There current team size is 50+ artistic strategists who work towards innovating and building an enhanced technology enabled learning experience each day.

GKlass is an innovative App for dissemination of any interactive e-learning contents loaded with features of LMS in Offline scenario, helps monitor, track the academic learning progress of students and empower teachers to add contents & questions for more intuitive teaching experience. Currently caters to our K12 School State Board Curriculum, Seekho ICT and Seekho Angrezi.

GSocial is an Innovative affordable Green technology based education delivery model for companies contributing for education under CSR to impact & improve education for under privileged children.

GEMS is an online SaaS based School ERP hosted on cloud to make any school paperless, with powerful administrative and academic management features. It allows to manage, track, control and communicate efficiently.


They have also done a POC for integrating Google Classroom and Google Apps for education into our GKlass platform. As once the internet reaches the rural parts of the country and schools gets high speed connectivity, the school will be ready for the use of Free Google educational platform and use MOOCS extensively to address the need of quality education material.

They are looking at reaching out to 3000 schools in next 3 years under GSocial CSR implementations to promote our innovative affordable Green GKlass digital classrooms in the state of Maharashtra. They are looking for raising investment for this social enterprise to cater to the huge opportunity in education under CSR and help reach out to maximum rural schools and empower the teachers.

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