Being the modern, distracted learner, we all face troubles with retaining too much information. And it is that addresses the problem of the modern, distracted learner through their notification based micro-learning platform. The on-the-go lessons help you advance towards your education goal, even when you are waiting for a bus or sitting in a cafe.

knowstartup-knudge2 is a science-based app that makes learning easy and helps build long term memory. It addresses the problem of a modern, distracted learner through its notification based micro learning platform. The power of on-the-go spaced lessons combined with adaptive repetitions and infographics helps one advance towards their education goal, even when one is waiting for a bus or sitting in a cafe. The objective is to help students learn on-the-go with minimal effort.


Founders –

Learn courses like vocabulary builder, idioms, phrasal verbs etc. Once a user is subscribed to a course, the bite-sized content gets unlocked through a notification. Or use credits to unlock new content. The bite-sized information delivered through a notification, combined with infographics and gamification, offers a unique and effective way of spaced learning. is available to learners from around the world. Though the concept of helps anyone to gain knowledge on the go, the current courses are targeted to help students improve their verbal score in exams such as GRE, GMAT, SAT etc. All the courses are free.

This startup is the brain child of Zunaid, Udit and Pushp are 2013 graduates from IIIT-Allahabad and Thapar Engineering College and was founded in the year 2016. It is based out of Mumbai. The founders have been associated with companies like Flipkart, Walmart Labs , TinyOwl, Craftsvilla in the past. There are now more than 10 people in the team including content specialists, designers etc.

Though the concept of micro-learning approach aligns with Duolingo, Memrise, Primer by Google and other micro learning apps, stands out because content is not the only focus, rather how the content is presented. It is effective learning through scientific ways of spaced learning. The interface is personalised and adaptive, through infographics and gamification.


With more than 2500 hundred installs within a spam of 1 month, the product has great reviews and feedback about the novelty of the idea as well as the overall app experience. The user retention is more than 65% which validates the product acceptance quite overwhelmingly. is working with various industries experts to design curated content in domains like marketing, mathematics, medical etc. They plan to have more than 50 more courses on the platform in next 6 month.

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