Everyone loves gifts! But have you ever got birthday present or a housewarming gift you didn’t like, didn’t really want? Have you felt like you’re giving someone the most boring, done-to-death wedding or anniversary gift ever? Well! Gifts are a unique way of expressing love and care, and have been a tradition ever since. And when we talk about gifts there is one startup that is ruling the roost and its name is Wrapp’d.


Wrapp’d, runs on the motto of putting the love back in giving and receiving gifts. In a few simple steps, you can make a gift registry for any occasion – birthdays, weddings, housewarmings, baby showers – and share it with your loved ones. Just create your own personalized occasion page, add all the gifts you’d like to receive and share the registry with your friends. It’s a fun way to ensure you get what you really want, right? Your friends and family members will be forever grateful too, because quite honestly after giving you gifts for years, they are out of ideas too.


Nischint Sanghavi – Founder Wrapp’d

Wrapp’d is based out of Mumbai and was founded by Anant Patel and Nischint Sanghavi in the year 2016. Anant is the Managing Director & Chief Technical Officer (CTO). Anant is a tech freak and this computer science grad is also partner of a European joint venture. Anant was propelled into the world of entrepreneurship by his love for technology and the genuine annoyances of receiving too many gifts with no utility. At Wrapp’d, Anant enjoys creating and enhancing seamless user experience with the best of the latest technology.

Nischint is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Co-Founder. He is a Chartered Accountant and a MBA from Boston University, Nischint is also the financial brains behind the venture. He came to Wrapp’d with 14 years of experience in financial services and consulting and quite efficiently keeps the others in check when they get a little ahead of themselves and start making extravagant plans. Despite filling in the serious role of a CEO, his love for travel and eye for photography makes him the best person to overlook the design and product curation aspects of Wrapp’d.


Veranta Labs, an innovative start-up announced the launch of Wrapp’d, a one of its kind online gift registry and curated shopping website in India. The user friendly website www.wrappd.in aims to become the new-age gifting partner by helping people spend money on gifts that are most valued and cherished.With Wrapp’d, Veranta Labs introduce to the Indian consumer a popular international concept of ‘gift registries’. Wrapp’d is an attempt to give a well defined face and provide an easy accessible way of availing gift registries in the country. A Gift Registry is a list of products prepared by by a gift recipient and shared with near and dear ones. Wrapp’d provides a one stop platform which allows the user to create a gift registry online through a few simple steps or just shop from the specially curated items.

Remember, what’s on the inside is as important as what’s outside. Get Wrapp’d and make gifting fun again. They help you find, list and buy the perfect gift – no matter how big or small. No more duplicate gifts! No more re-gifting!

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