A midnight spin, an impromptu road trip or a romantic drive with your partner, having your own car is an empowering feeling — and sexy as hell. But like all big-ticket purchases, it must sadly begin with the long, tedious experience of going to showrooms, contacting dealers, bargaining till the cows come home and, God forbid, an often-delayed delivery. As if that wasn’t enough, terms like torque, BHP, wheelbase and ABD are thrown around like nobody’s business, confusing the hell out of you. Which is where vLer, an end-to-end online car dealer, steps in, ensuring that you steer clear of the rigmarole and get the car delivered at your doorstep.


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Founder vLer

vLer was founded by Sanjay Bharti and Jeevan Sirela in the year 2016 and is based out of Mumbai. Sanjay graduated out of IIT Bombay in 2013. Worked 2 years in Product Development with Rakuten, Tokyo. Dropped out of IIM Calcutta in 2015. Started vLer. Jeevan graduated out of IIT Delhi in 2015. Worked 6 months with Crowdfire. Joined vLer. Sanjay has been an automobile enthusiast since his childhood days. The automobile market is unorganised and there is no transparency regarding prices. The whole concept of vLer came from his personal experience of buying a car. And, Jeevan is a tech enthusiast and has handled the technology part of vLer. He breathes codes day and night. He is the guy responsible for giving vLer a tech enabled(Machine Learning/AI) platform. Besides them, vLer consists of people from IIT Bombay who work day and night to solve the nightmare of buying a car.

In our busy everyday lifestyle, car buying comes across as a big decision. The lifestyle is so dynamic and evolving that buying things is all about convenience and upfront best pricing. At vLer, the dedicated team is working hard to provide an unbiased hassle free experience when a customer is looking out to buy a new car. They create value by providing personal concierge service and best price to their customers through their unique reverse bidding model. They get the test drives and paperwork at the home of customers without them needing to go and transact at the dealership. This makes the process hassle free and customer anonymity is ensured as well. The customer is not bothered by continuous calls from the dealers and the whole process ensures buying of cars in a peaceful state of mind. They are one of a kind multi brand online car showroom with all the amenities at one place. They have also developed a recommendation engine which maps customer’s requirement with the cars available in the market to give them the best recommendations on choosing a particular car. This way, effectively in today’s urban lifestyle, a customer doesn’t have to go to dealers while thinking of buying cars.

They already have over 2000 users in less than 4 months of being in business. Their future plans include expansion to 5 cities by 2017. This way they will for sure become your true one stop shop for all car related needs.

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