While India was still grappling with the question of women security, one woman was quietly working towards a solution that’d put the raging debate to rest. We are talking about Ms. Sakshi Vij, Founder & CEO of Myles, India’s first self-drive service that allows women to take charge of the wheel and hit the road without owning a car. Sakshi can be credited with introducing this novel concept in India when renting and driving a car was a rare feat. Her in-depth knowledge of the industry was her strength as she conceived the brand and took it upon herself to see it rise to great heights – Myles has grown its car fleet from just 14 cars to over 1,200 today.


Myles is India’s premier self-drive service, available across 21 cities with multiple convenient pick-up locations. Some of the major cities we are present in: Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad and Chennai. Myles’ services allow customers to rent car on short and long durations. From a couple of hours to several months. Myles’ wide range of cars includes 38 varieties from a Tata Nano to Mercedes E-Class, so you can have a car to match your needs. Our flexible price points mean that you can rent a car for anything between Rs.50/ hr onwards.


Myles founder- Sakshi Vij

Based out of Delhi, Myles was founded in the year 2013. Sakshi and her team saw an opportunity in the transportation industry. This opportunity was much larger than the opportunity in the Taxi industry that was being disrupted by multiple players across the world. This was an opportunity to disrupt the personal car ownership market. According to the Cars Online survey conducted by Capgemini in 2014 across 10000 respondents around the globe, it was observed that 59% Indians looking to buy a car were open to the idea of an alternative mode of ownership. This was primarily because of the need of greater Flexibility, convenience and lower financial burden. The average usage of a car in a year is less than 150 days. Over 200 days a year a personal car sits in your garage depreciating in value and appreciating in cost owing to the maintenance and parking requirements. With this
understanding, Myles was born.

While the initial idea was to start with a few cars and test the market, they received early success. They started with 14 cars and 3 cities in November 2013. They were sold out for the next 1 month in the first five days of their putting those cars on their platform, proving the fact that the time was finally right for Self drive rentals to grow in India. There was in fact a latent demand from travellers in India, who would love to explore Indian roads, but didn’t really think it was possible to find a Self drive rental in the country. Myles’ unique asset-light model tries to develop an alternate ecosystem to car ownership.

Over the past one year they have grown 11 times and 70% of their growth every month comes from new users. They are today a community of over 1.5 lakh Mylers. They grow at about 30% month on month. In the next 4 years they would like to bring together a fleet of 50000 cars in 50 cities spread across over 5000 locations. They want to provide a Myles car every 400 meters in a city. They are currently a community of 150,000 Mylers, they hope to get around 5 million members in the next five years.

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