Steve jobs once said and I quote,

“Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it; they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while”


These lines hold so much truth in them, because creative thinking is a tough act to pinpoint—it is, at the same time, highly specific and wonderfully simple. Within the context of these divergent realities, insiders agree that creative people in business share some highly effective habits. We have compiled a list of seven ways in which you can bring out the creative side of your team.

1. Promote the culture of working together

Try to build and promote a work environment which builds and promotes team work. Try to understand the difference between words that hurt and words that heal. When you’re collaborating, your choice of words can make all the difference. Brainstorming has had its critics over the years, but few can dispute that hashing out concepts and ideas with others makes the process more inclusive—which means more creativity across the board. Hence it is a very good idea to encourage your team to work together.

2. Be Fearless

As a creative entrepreneur, you and your team are expected to come out of the comfort zone and work towards what you feel will enhance your creativity. When you’re pushing boundaries through creative thinking, you’re bound to fail sometimes. The best way to stomach this failure is to expect it, prepare for it and move on quickly when it happens.

3. Use technology to the maximum

When your work force is spread across the globe, try to be more innovative and creative in your approach. One such way can be to use better means of communication like videoconferencing, compared to the age old practice of writing long emails. With many remote workers and businesses spread out geographically, technology can be the only way to make disparate work forces feel like a creative team.

4. Dream Big

The size of your dream will decide, how much you achieve in real life. So, always dream big. Creativity is not doing things the way they’ve been done before. It is all about finding the dream solution. That’s the first step. Having no boundaries. Not thinking anything’s crazy. Being open to ideas. One of the best ways to inspire creativity in a workplace is to encourage colleagues that anything is possible.

5. Come out of Monotony

A monotonous work culture can be depressing for creative people. Routines are great for circadian rhythms but terrible for creative minds. Mixing up the environment can be a great way to spark new and exciting thinking.

6. Take time to introspect

Innovative concepts need to germinate and mature. For this reason, one of the most efficient ways to engender creativity is to simply give people time and space to think. Hence, introspection is a great way of letting creativity take its due course.

7. Keep deadlines for all you requirements

Some leaders work their most marvelous magic when they’re under pressure to perform. With this in mind—at least in the right setting—deadlines can be a boon to creativity and innovation. An external pressure situation keeps creative people motivated throughout the journey.

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