We all know of someone who has been advised a surgery for a medical complication. It could be a loved one, a distant relative or yourself at some point in time. But are such surgeries really required? Can they not be treated by any other option such as a change in the medicine course, a certain exercise, or any other alternative medical solution? One startup that has answers to all these queries and more is SurgeryXchange.


SurgeryXchange is a platform developed to show how easy it easy to access, exchange information related to surgeries and avail surgery/ treatment hassle free.We are in the path of transforming, the way people access/share information and book surgeries, seamlessly to derive cost and time benefit. SurgeryXchange helps in providing a highly credible, transparent and cost effective option to those seeking medical interventions and surgeries. SurgeryXchange is price discovery and surgery fulfillment platform. It is a hassle free platform for all those traveling to India for medical treatments and surgeries.


Founder- SurgeryXchange

Based out of Bangalore and founded by Naveen Bannur in the the year 2015, SurgeryXchange is the first and only platform that lets you discover cost of surgery from knowstartup-surgeryXchange2listed hospitals based on your financial requirements and medical need, validate its requirement through an unbiased, trustworthy and high quality medical second opinion. The startup is based out of Bangalore the team comprises of Dr. Santhrupth Hedna and Arun Sachidanandamurthy in addition to Naveen. Naveen is a graduate from BITS, Pilani, 26 years in IT in Business development, sales and marketing, Co­Founded a contract Manufacturing firm and ran it for about 2 years. Executive Management team of SPAN since 2003. Board of NBAI, Founder of EDUCAIT an NGO since 2004 . Dr. Santhrupth Hedna has over 17 years experience in running a Hospital. He is a Masters from JSS Med College and Masters from Fr. Muller Med College. He is also a popular Surgeon and a very able administrator with tremendous connects/knowledge of the Industry. Arun Sachidanandamurthy, is a seasoned professional with over 10 years of experience in both business and technology. He is Postgraduate in Communication Management from Symbiosis School of Media and Communication and drives Marketing and Communications for SurgeryXchange.

SurgeryXchange helps you discover best options for surgery, in terms of price, place supplemented by online medical opinion. The services provided by SurgeryXchange helps to empower you to be in charge of your surgery decisions and help you navigate in the due process for healthy outcomes. It also helps you get the surgery program that matches your financial requirement and medical needs. This platform helps you get unbiased , trust worthy and highly qualified medical second opinion. And helps facilitate Pre-Diagnosis to Post treatment process for both Indian and international patients.

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