Facebook today launched Yarn,a collaboration with Exponent, Google, and Tilde.

yrna new package manager for JavaScript  that promises faster and more reliable installs than the massively popular npm. The company says its new creation is capable of reducing install times from several minutes to just seconds in some cases – depending on the size of the packages you’re working with.

Yarn is compatible with the npm registry, but differs in its approach to installing packages; it uses lockfiles and a deterministic installation algorithm.

This allows it to maintain the same structure of node_modules directories – which house dependencies – for all users involved in a project, and help reduce bugs that are difficult to trace and replicate on multiple machines.

Yarn also aims to ensure quicker and more reliable installs by caching every package it downloads and by parallelizing operations. It also allows for installing packages without an internet connection, provided you’ve installed them at least once before.

In addition, Yarn promises compatibility with both npm and Bower workflows, and lets you restrict licenses of installed modules.

Facebook noted that it used npm extensively for numerous projects, but had trouble scaling it for internal use as it posed issues with performance and security. It teamed up with engineers from Exponent, Google, and Tilde to build and test Yarn on major JavaScript frameworks, so it works for as large a base of developers as possible.

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