Well, we all know that human beings are social animals and it is one of our primary needs to know other fellow beings and socialize with people around. Socialising can be based on activities, hobbies, interests, etc. This continuous quest of trying to find like minded people around us is what led to the formation of Palatable Technologies


Mixr, a product from Palatable Technologies is an innovative mobile app that lets you discover and connect with amazing people, groups and communities near you via instant messaging. It allows you to discover people, groups and communities near you based on your interests (dating, activity, hobbies, interests, etc.). You login using Facebook credentials, create your own ‘gang’ by inviting one or more friends. You can then ‘swipe through’ other gangs, individuals and communities. If you want to join up with any of them, just say Yay! If they reciprocate we will add them into a ‘Mix’ where you can instantly chat, share stuff and eventually decide to meet/hang-out. You may think  of this as an amalgam of Tinder & WhatsApp (but not limited to dating).


Team Mixr

Pune based Palatable Technologies, was founded by Shantanu Ghosh and Amaresh Shirsat. Shantanu was most recently VP & GM of Symantec’s Data Center Security products and ran a $200 million business globally when he quit in July 2015. He led product teams that were distributed across the United States, India and Europe. Shantanu was also Managing Director of Symantec’s product operations in India (4300+ people). Before Symantec, Shantanu worked in the US and in India for a variety of software companies (startup, mid-sized) in management and technical roles in areas of mobile computing, networks, and industrial automation. Shantanu is also author of Traveller’s Tales, a popular food and travel blog that will soon complete 10 years.

Amaresh was a Technical Director and lead architect of Symantec’s Data Center Security group before he quit Symantec in July 2015. In this role, he was responsible for the design of next generation security products for cloud-based and heavily virtualized data-centers. Amar has worked in a variety of technical leadership roles in startups and mid-sized companies in the past. He has been a keen observer of the tech-enabled consumer/retail space in India, having conceptualized and prototyped multiple products in this space (local search, real-time e-coupons, and personal finance, to name a few). This is his second entrepreneurial foray as a founder.

Their team currently comprises of 7 people. 2 founders, 1 sales and marketing and 4 developers who work day in and out passionately to make this product a success. Their passion reflects from the fact that even their CTO codes and CEO distributes flyers. They are all equal in the team and have each others back all the time.

And all this is driven by a single goal in mind and that is, bringing a social networking app that will actually help people socialize as this is what the next gen needs.

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