With social networking being the most prevalent means of communications. Working on the same lines Vijayagopal R, Geetha Sanjay and Balachander Agoramurthy decided to introduce something similar, a platform that encourages and engages health professionals to connect, contribute and collaborate for a healthier tomorrow by providing the right eco-system for continuous learning.


Innov4Sight Health and Biomedical Systems Private Limited is an idea conceived in 2009 that took shape as a socially conscious business enterprise in 2014. 4SIGHT has successfully piloted its flagship solution for the health industry, a Learning Management System (LMS) for a leading medical imaging/diagnostics chain based out of India.


Founder Innov4sight

Founded in 2009 and based out of Bangalore, Innov4sight is targeting to solve the problems from multiple directions. Example for infertility they are coming up with a medical simulator that will be complemented by Training courses for the doctors to get more proficient in the infertility techniques. Also, they are working on regenerative medicine based growth factor therapy for female & male infertility. Also, a Data analytics based telemedicine platform for patients. Innov4Sight has come up with a platform ParSight – Parsight is a data analytics Platform. They are currently developing this for oncology. Parsight links to disparate information on cancer patients who significantly affect cancer research in many areas including quality improvement, outcomes, comparative effectiveness research, practice standards, research methods, and epidemiology. The linkages made between secondary, observational datasets enable research on key and increasingly important populations not represented in clinical trials data standalone. ParSight’s model is aggregated from various silos, linked and transformed into a standard dataset model that supports a multi-disciplinary team review of the patient population and the cancer pathway that will unlock insights which facilitate better-informed decisions improving patient outcomes. Parsight combines discrete data from the patient chart, including unstructured clinical notes, pathology reports, prescription notes etc. to assemble a complete view of each patient’s diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes. Parsight has built web-based search tools to support rapid query and exploration of these data.

Another platform that they have created is eHAT – eHAT Oncology package is built with attention to details and inputs from practicing oncologists. Implementable on the Cloud, in premise or on a hybrid platform makes it easy to access from anywhere and any device.

This initiative is the brainchild of Vijayagopal R, Geetha Sanjay and Balachander Agoramurthy. Vijayagopal R is a first-generation entrepreneur brings in 16 years of varied experience in the field of product ideation, project management, training and client relationship management to the table in his role at Innov4Sight, which he co-founded in 2014. In addition to this, he also has hands-on experience in conceptualizing, designing and delivering technology and learning solutions for the healthcare industry. The in-depth knowledge and insights Vijaygopal gained over the one and a half decade and the passion for alleviating and supporting in treating cancer sufferers with accurate diagnosis and treatment led to starting Innov4Sight. Geetha is primarily responsible to cater to the client’s requirement by providing domain-related functional requirements in the development and delivery of technology products and solutions at Innov4Sight. Her vast experience of (13 years) in working on clinical data and healthcare analytics, good understanding of ICH/GCP and GCDMP and working knowledge of SQL, RDBMS and SAS provides the required depth to her role she has donned. And, Balachander is a dynamic and highly motivated professional with over 22 years of rich experience in product development and IT services in his various roles and has capabilities in Project Management and Service Delivery. He majorly manages the R & D Division at Innov4Sight. In this role, he is involved in the development and patenting of the unique predictive and prescriptive Onco-Analytics and Search engine. On an ongoing basis, he provides innovations and inventions that pertain to the Medical and Healthcare domains. Team Innov4Sight currently has 75+ Member dedicated team that powers the vision.

The startup plans to have a global presence in near future.

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