Ever been stuck by a hunger pangs? Well worry no more because TasytNights.in is here. TastyNights.in is a Late night food delivery startup currently operating in Gwalior,Madhya pradesh.TastyNights is India’s first late night food delivery startup operating successfully in a tire-2 city. We are on a mission to create a trusted late night food brand delivering across nation.



Team – TastyNights

Gwalior based TastyNights.in went live on 31th March 2016, with the an objective of becoming a trusted late night food brand delivering during night hours.Today, they’re delivering 60+ food items across various categories including Indian,Chinese,NonVeg,MidNight Snacks. The startup was founded by Aman Batra(BTech Information Technology) and Rahul Indoriya(Btech Electronics).

TastyNights.in currently has a team of 8 people working really hard to satisfy their customers through their service.  They are targeting a very crucial problem which their founding team  faced which is late night hunger.Unlike other food delivery services their minimum order is 100rs only and deliver every order within 35 minutes.

They have so far completed their first 2000 order’s which is a big achievement for them. They are placing around 30 orders per day at the moment. Thei biggest achievement is satisfied customers and an awesome average come back rate of 3 times a week of their 100+ happy customers. They collect feedback from all their customers via the Website, tele-calling, emails and publish it on social media and website. Almost all of their customers are fully satisfied by the service.

TastyNights.in is planning to launch their mobile application in next few months and expand business to another tire-2 city with in next 6 months.

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