DocSynk, a Dallas based healthcare startup has received funding of $1 million from Hyderabad based Naya Ventures.


DocSynk is a startup that has been working to find solutions for problems such as finding doctors, scheduling appointments, keeping on top of insurance, and complying with wellness and treatment plans. It is working to make it all much easier with a simple app. Its new machine-learning platform uses data science to put people in control of their healthcare, driving productivity and reducing costs for employers, insurers, and doctors.

DocSynk is the brainchild of medical technology innovator Vaidyanatha Siva, the former director and executive of Parkland Hospital’s Center for Clinical Innovation and CTO of Infosys Ltd’s Life Sciences business unit. Siva is an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.

Speaking on the occasion, Siva mentioned,

“Dallas and North Texas are the perfect place to launch a healthcare startup. We have more than eight million people, a diverse ecosystem of healthcare providers, multiple insurers, and large employers. The technical and professional talent pool is deep, operating costs are low, and we have world-class investors on tap. We are excited about the possibilities of solving both consumer and business-related challenges and look forward to sharing exciting news about several key partnerships in the coming weeks,”

To add to this, Dayakar Puskoor, managing director of Naya Ventures mentioned,

“DocSynk’s mission of bringing transformation in patient engagement is sorely needed in US healthcare. Organizations of every size are looking for DocSynk’s innovative solutions,”

He further added,

“With DocSynk, healthcare providers, employers and employees can all benefit in a win-win partnership,”


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