Tours and Travels industry is one of the most crowded but at the same time most rewarding industries of all times. And it is this fact that led a group of four friends to work towards realising this dream.




Team Codwhoe

After completing their bachelors the four founding members of Codwheo came together and formularized an idea of venturing into tours and travels industry. Although the sector was already crowded, Mangesh, Prafful, Swapnil and Kinnary felt that they could give their consumers something different. Codwheo is not just another tour and travels company. It is a travel agency specially designed for presenting the various cultures of India and has exclusive service above the usual standard at a very reasonable rate. They mainly specialize in introducing the history, nature, art, cuisine, music, dance, temples etc. to groups as well as individual tourists.

Mumbai based Codwheo was founded in the year 2014, and has 04 years of relevant experience in the latest Tourism Industry, they had innovated an application which made a savings of over 4 to 5 lakhs for (employer’s name) or saved duplication of task or time saved or dependency on number of resources were reduced. Or the cost of recruitment was reduced by 30% as I automated the process etc. It can be anything specific to our strength that can be considered as an asset to the organization. And a creative or innovative mind is better than dead or fixed asset to the organization.

In near future Codwheo aims at reaching each and every household in Mumbai.

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