What could be more satisfying than helping a companion understand her fondest wish? But are we really able to do that? Well the answer would be no in most cases. What if we have a platform where we could share our wishes with friends/family, also see what our loved ones desired to celebrate their special moments.Well nothing like it!! One startup that has taken the initiative to do so is Makemywishes.com 



Founders – Makemywishes.com

Based out of Gurgaon, “Makemywishes.com” is one of its kind wishing platform that gives a unique opportunity to both the sender and receiver of the gift, a chance of happiness and contentment. The concept incepted in the year 2016 by 2 friends, Ms. Anu Gupta CEO &co-founder Makemywishes.com and Ms. Sapna Chaudary- Co-founder Makemywishes.com. The two women entrepreneurs came up with the concept when they felt the need to re-create the wishlist Industry by gifting people what they really desire.

The Wishlist Industry is a newly grown industry in India which has a strong relevance as far as Gifting products or services is concerned. “Repetition in Gifting” and further “Passing on those Gifts” is a typical gifting culture prevalent in our system. However, in order to breakthrough this scenario, Makemywishes.com believes in fulfilling wishes of people that they truly want and desire. The loggers of Makemywishes.com can use the platform in five effortless steps Sign upCreate Occasion- Add a Wish- Invite friends – Contribute. The platform is refreshing in its ideology and paves way to the “Law of Attraction” theory where the receiver and the presenter exchange gifts of their choice. Makemywishes.com has associated with several brands like Shoppers Stop, Craftsvilla, fabindia, Fernsnpetals, Chumbak, VOYLLA.com etc. that help ‘the wishers” make a wish and choose a gift for themselves and also contribute to the wishes of others.

MakeMyWishes plans to engage thousands of users in the first 2 years, post launch. Anu Gupta, CEO and Co- Founder and Sapna Chaudary, Co-Founder, is optimistic about reaching the targets. Her efforts have been focused on working simultaneously with developers to create the website she has envisaged, however, there lies a great potential for exponential growth as the site gains the exposure.

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